Good morning 🌞

☝Every day we encounter many kinds of people, but some people come into every page of our life in spite of being ignored several times. 欄
☝Remember, they keep you on top of their list, even if their list is empty if full or empty.
欄Keep such people closer to you, as they will never harm you, but will be around to pick you when you fall or at times, save you from a fall.
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Kick unwanted ones out.

At some point in life, we reach space, wherein we care a damn. The sooner we arrive there, I think it’s better. 
Many people have fun in letting us chase them.輪‍♀️.finally, we just realize that they wanted us only for temporary needs.
For such people, it is better we turn #badass. 
Let them walk away from our life, as we are no more gonna bear their attitude. 
Enough of everything that breaks us, it is time to hear up for betterment.
Kick them out, and be brave., realize your self-worth. 
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Be strong dear 😈

Every day is a hurdle..being soft doesn’t help you all the bold and say **** off whenever you are being bullied. Remember that you are strong enough to hold on and walk away…but still, you chose to be around. It is your will power, not anyone else that led you to where you are.
You are the fire, that can light up the whole space..and be the fire that can burn someone down to ashes.
Be strong dear..!!
Do not let anyone rule over you..because you deserve much better.
#bestrong #strongmind

Invisible was her pain

She was playing as usual outside her home..when he came露‍♂️..everything seemed usual with him. He played with her, gave her a handful of chocolates..and even put her on his lap…telling her wonderful stories…‍
Again days passed…this went on for days…but she was changing gradually..which. none around her noticed. She was becoming silent and irritable. Nights and days haunted her…She was confused about what was going on around her and within her..臘‍♀️Even the closest to her discarded her emotions as being naughty and stubborn. She cried in pain, but all went in vain.
The moment she sees him, she ran away and hid.
When she began to revolt, he silenced her.
None around her responded to her sudden changes. The little mind struggled and struggled…
Suffering the disgusting pain.
At last, when she gathered her courage and complained about him… instead of him, she was locked up for being disgusting and bringing shame to the family…..‍‍‍
Her pain again went in vain.
As she grew up,  the pain became a tumor, that damaged her soul completely.
. Soulrecitals
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Good Morning – Quote of the day

We all do everything for others, no matter they ignore or enjoy the benefit of getting things done. They never even silently appreciate the things. But the moment we stop doing, it all becomes visible and it begins to matter that they forget why we must have stopped.類
Choose wisely the people for whom you do things benevolently.
Learn to appreciate the little things everyone does for you.爐
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As i shut my eyes…

Every time you whisper in my ears.
I know the words you speak.
I read it from your silence.
And the breaths that fall upon me;
Every breath is like fire melting me.
And i close my eyes to feel it all over me.
As i shut my eyes in your proximity,
All i feel is just you around me.
The way you grab me and pull me closer to you,
Awakening the hidden desires in me,
Gives me the meaning of life.
As i open my eyes.
I see my life..which is you.
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What aches me ??

I don’t know what aches me more?
Is it just the people around me or,
The devil within me.
It’s strange, that the devil in me instills a pain,
As reflux to the pain, i gain..
Hurting me much more.
Then i could bear..
Slowly i transform into the devil,
That hunts down people.
The pain in me transforms me into the devil, i am scared to be.
Fragmenting a piece of me like a morsel.
Another piece of ensemble revive the last piece of humanity remaining in me.
But Alas!! I become the devil…
Succumbing the other me to the pain the world instilled in me.
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Making an imprint of me here before I turn into ashes….

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