Snow Snow Snow

One fine day early morning when I got up I was expecting a clean and clear day , but see what I got to see – all white . It was like somebody painted my surroundings with white paint. The trees looked like they have white flowers on them. Those white flowers  reminded me  of my mom’s craft work , where she used to make small flowers with thermocol.

Snow covered roofs and snow covered cars , it all looks so beautiful. Like kids I waited for so long to see this. And myself and nandooty enjoys the snow. But am little bit scared because I have a very bad habit of slipping off , but luckily till now nothing happened.

Still …

I am in love with snow.

When I see kids enjoying all around in snow throwing snowballs at each other , making snowman , wow its such a wonderful time of the year. Snow covered mountains, houses , benches , trees , leaves.

Every season has its own beauty. The year we reached in Basel , we were welcomed with snowfalls., but we couldn’t enjoy it very well.

As a kid I used to think about how it will be to have  a snowy Christmas, and it came to a reality when we came here. Thanks to my husband Ajay for making my dream to a reality.


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