First day of my lil Nandu

FIRST-DAY-OF-PRESCHOOLAs usual I was more excited , happy , energetic to take Nandu to her preschool. Like all mothers does , I told her that I will be leaving her in her school , where she will get lots of friends and she can play with many toys . She was listening to me all the time as we were on our way to her school with her dad. 

As soon as we were nearing her school my heart started pounding faster, out of excitement. Many  questions flashed my mind , regarding what will happen if she starts to cry ?  what if she doesn’t  want to go inside?  What will i do if she keeps calling  ” amma ammma ” ? 

Oh those thoughts made me shiver, I didn’t know how to react . As I was told by many other experienced mothers  I should stay calm and let her go in and even if she cries , it will be all for a while. I was prepared by the time we reached the school. We rang the bell and the door opened and her teacher came and greeted all of us.

 Nandu seemed to be excited , but she was holding my hand , I too didn’t want to leave her hand as I was feeling nervous.It was as if  my first day at school , then  her teacher asked her whether Nandu would love to come in and play with other kids inside. 

It was just as quick as a blink of an eye , and Nandu took her hands and left mine and went in to the school and waved us bye . I was like lost , all of a sudden I felt I became lonely . But where my words didn’t express my tears cheated me, it was running down my cheeks and my Nandoos  dad couldn’t stop laughing.

It was all my decision to put her in school , so that she can enjoy and its all me who is crying on the very first day and not her.I had a mixed feeling going on inside me, I just wanted  to run back to the school and hug her , but another feeling me said not to do so. Still out of all these mixed emotions I ran back to school , just to see her and I was happy to see her playing there.

That day for me every minute  was like miles away, I didn’t go home , and was lingering around the place . At last I called up her school after 2 hours  and asked whether I can pick her then. The moment the school door was opened my eyes were searching for my lovely lil angel and she came running  to me and hugged me tightly. 

I am sure every mom must have felt what I had felt. Seriously motherhood is strange.

 Hurray to all Mothers!!



Churches I just love them.I don’t know how many believe in this thought that whenever you enter a church for the first time you may ask for 3 wishes. Even if its not true I would always do that.

When I was studying in my college myself and bestfriend used  to go there and pray before starting our day. And I love the way of praying by kneeling down before the God.

Our college chapel was beautiful during the Sunday chapel service in the evening.It had a tree on its side and during moonlit nights everything  looked elagant.

I enjoyed the carols , prayers everything.Even the teachers used to give lovely speeches.

As christmas is nearing , I just recollected the christmas I had in my hostel.I got the opportunity to help my frirnds and college staff in decorating the chapel. We got lots of sweets from Santa , we all enjoyed a lot.