Everyone requires someone to talk to…




 At times  in our life , we require someone to talk to , share something with someone , it can be a friend , family or anyone. And at such situation everyone gets landed up with someone ,whom they never thought about or , they must have avoided to talk to many times .

Its a natural behavior , everyone avoid people , who love to talk to them and when time comes , only those who were avoided will be there welcoming you wholeheartedly ,without even showing a grudge .They are the people , whom everyone should treasure.

All can’t solve everyone’s problem , but everyone require someone to talk to. Listening is a humble blessing ,and many does not  posses it.  As we all talk to someone who listens to us , our problems are lessened . 

Have you ever noticed , kids fighting with each other and then complaining  about one another to their parents. What do you see after that , once the parents listen to their complaints , the kids just get back to playing with  each other. No grownups can do it. Some problems do not get solved just because of lack of communication.

Problems when shared with friends , even though they can’t solve them , we feel , that at least there is someone with us. That feeling helps in solving the problems as it builds up self-confidence .

Never avoid someone , who always wish for our friendship and not any benefits.When we listen to someone , we are communicating with their inner feeling , their emotions , and that can be seen on their face and eyes, which can never lie.

Listening to someone is the most sincere form of respect .

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