Temples – a sacred place




Whenever am in my native place , I love to go to the temples located near by our house . Getting up early in the morning and having a fresh bath , off we , myself and my mom , go to the temple. It gives a fresh start to the day. 

We talk a lot many things and walk and I always enjoyed going around with her. She tells me all about the place , or people, or anything about her good old days . We go to four temples in the nearby areas , one where Goddess  Devi  is worshiped, then Lord Shiva, Lorn Krishna and finally Lord Ayyappa. 

There were regular people who we used to see , early in the morning , including my relatives and my mom’s teacher, friends and even my friends. Temple is  always kept neat and clean. I always loved to go to Goddess Devi ‘s temple , I always had a notion that when ever am offered white flowers after the puja , I feel that my wishes will be granted. This white flower  idea cmae to me , when I was studying in my school , where we had a story by R.K.Narayan , ‘The White Flower’ ,which speaks about a story , where the hero’s fate is decided by a flower.

The decoration in Lord Krishna , temple is always overwhelming. Whenever we enter the temple , its always a breathtaking view to see Lord Krishna’s idol , when anointed with sandal paste , and  garlands ,with all the lamps lighted . 

In lord Shiva temple , during the festival season , the place is decorated and many small shops are opened , where vendors come for selling , beautiful bangles, chains and balloons. Elephants   caparisoned and carrying multicolored umbrellas   and peacock quill decorated fans  and with thayambaka, which is worth listening to. 

I miss all these , whenever am away from my native place , the early morning  walk to the temples , is so refreshing. I always enjoyed the way , I have seen the sun rays , peeps from the roof tops of Lord Shiva temple , its like its playing hide and seek. The fresh smell of flowers , sandal wood .

The peaceful and sacred place , gives a positive energy into me , which helps me feel better and think better .Listening to the chanting mantras , feeling the earth beneath me , I feel blessed.

I never wanted to miss such fabulous views around me.

Another Year ends….




Another year coming to an end  in our life , and am thinking what to plan for the next year. 🙂

Every year end I do it, but nothing comes up and I leave it for another year end to come.I always think of my few wishes , that is quite impossible for me to do , because am lazy  🙂 , not to eat chocolates , not to put on weight and so many other silly things. I wish I wasn’t this lazy , at least I will have a new list every year. 🙂

Every New year , even though I have no intention of taking up any resolution , i keep wasting my time thinking about it. I am pretty sure ,most of them  does the same ,  I think everyone forget those resolutions in few weeks time.

Every year I wanted to do something new ,and when it was all about world end , I am happy at least I wanted to do writing and I did it.  I thought if I don’t do that then , I will never be able to do it again. And see , the world didn’t end and am still writing. 🙂

This is the case with everyone , all have different aspirations and what do they do , keep on waiting till the time is out of their hands. Its a human tendency not to value things they have and once that is lost forever , they want to get it back and keep it again with them,

I don’t know how many of them keep up with their resolutions. Even though I don’t have any , I wish everyone good luck with their resolutions. 

Kids are Incredible!!!



When Nandu was around 1.5 years , I noticed her running to the waste bin , picking something from the floor , I ran to her thinking that she must be going to throw something important.But when I checked what is in her hand I noticed that it was some bit of waste paper , I was surprised and happy .

I wondered from where she got to know that you have to drop the waste in the waste bag , when I never thought to teach her.Its really surprising how kids observe all these and learn from us. I have seen her doing many things as such , which I never taught her.

As a parent now its our duty to teach them and guide them right , whether its a boy or a girl. I learned that there is no point in shouting at them, if we do , they will just do the same thing to us. Funny isn’t it. But  Yes , that the truth. 

Other day , when we went shopping , she cried a lot for chocolates , as all other kids, I told her angrily , that am not going to buy any. She cried all the way back home . What was the outcome , nothing , just she cried , i lost my temper and  I was exhausted .But after that , the next day , when she was hurrying up to go out with her dad , out for shopping , we told her , that she should not cry for chocolates and if she does , he will not be taking her for shopping .

To our surprise , she said “yes , no chocolates” . I though she said it casually , but when they returned from shopping , her dad told  me , she was nice and didn’t ask for chocolate at all. I was happy and delighted and I hugged her. After that , I started to give her chocolates  without even her asking for it.

Its true that patience and love pays.




I feel lucky to have blessed with many good friends in life and even bad friends who taught me a lot  to value my best friends. 

Its not a surprising thing , that bad friends teach us many little things. They show us what real life is . They bring with them lot many qualities like , cheating , unfaithfulness and ungrateful. I am sure pretty many of them had experienced a great deal of such kind of people. Such friends just utilize the time they spend with people keeping just one thing in mind , that there good and nothing more.

If we don’t have bad experiences in life, how do we appreciate the little good experiences we come across. Thats how we start valuing the real friends . They experience everything with us and still be with us , that the true friends.

True friends never expect anything from us , just appreciate them and treat them well , they will be forever yours.It grows with mutual understanding , compassion and emotional attachments. As I said I have been blessed with such lovely friends in my life , of them a few I cherish in my mind. They will be forever with me , even if I do not call them daily, talk to them daily ,mail them or call them on special occasions.

I need not tell my friend , if am sad, they know through the words I type , or speak ,even if they don’t see me. I always want to be a good friend for anyone who counts on me. I had best set of friends when I was in school  , college and even while working. I cherish every memory with them.

Good friends are hard to find and bad friends really help to find them easily. 🙂

Motherhood – a true blessing


If I wanted to say about something that changed my life , the first things that comes to my mind is ‘motherhood’ .

Being a mother changes everything in a woman’s life. Thats when a girl starts to think about   loving, the true form of love. When she conceives a baby in her womb , she feels protective towards it. She doesn’t want anything to harm the life growing inside her. 

When she feels the fluttering of the baby moving around  inside her womb , she understands that she is not alone experiencing what she feels, the life inside her also feels the same emotions.Its so wonderful to feel a life inside and only a woman is blessed with it.

The whole 10 months journey is  like a long wait,struggling through many experiences just to see a new born life. But after the birth of the baby , we realize that , all those troubles we were going through was just nothing , it was like a preschool , preparing ourselves for a big job.

Earlier I used to loose my patience , i was short tempered , but now many things changed for me. Being a mother we learn a lot .Its a life of lessons .I can see why I was struggling a lot, I couldn’t eat anything properly, I couldn’t sleep , but it was all for my lil darling , just to make me more lovable to her.

I am proud to be a mother, at least I learned how to forgive and love  more. The joy of being  mother is a most deepest and the selfless love .