Romance and Musings

Crazy reading !!!



I was reading around 2 at night , and I realized  , it was too late , since my body was not responding  as  my mind wanted it to.My eyes were burning , since I have been reading since 10 and I was engrossed in reading that book. 

Do you know what was I reading ? To some it will seem to be stupid , and to others little crazy , it was Twilight saga. I saw the movies except the last one , at least a few times , i loved the movie.And I was crazy to know what was the story ahead , out of excitement , i searched for the books all along and I got it downloaded from the Internet.I was happy and I started to read the last book , in the series , but I felt I was lost somewhere, I was not able to link the story that I had seen to what is written , then I decided to read it from first.

In just 4 days , I finished reading the whole book , it was crazy times ,I spend sleepless nights , reading .just to know what happens in the end. I realized  one thing then , that reading was far better than watching movies. Reading improves our imagination and movies kills it , since what imagination can do , reality cannot.

Every book , i start to read , I draw a picture in my mind and that helps me a lot  to enjoy reading, but its just not my potential , but the writer , because he/she has the lovely imagination which can be imparted into us.

Reading is no fun , when we cannot enjoy it .

Romance and Musings

Where is happiness ?




Whenever am about to write something , why is that I feel like writing about negative things around me. I feel negative thoughts are  more influential  , but then I think , what is the point in writing about all those , which is all about hatred ,when we cannot change anything around us. What we can do , is to implement change in ourselves , or in our family, or in our thoughts and that begins to happen only when we ready for it .

Sometimes I write and erase everything , it  helps me to get out all those negative thoughts , so that I make room for my positive ones . I look at my lovely little sweet heart , who does not know what this evil world around us has kept in store and always pray that I could protect her from all the evil ones as long as am with her.

When I look at her , all my love comes out and am able to pen down those beautiful thoughts I have.I never wanted to write about anything that hurts someones feeling knowingly or unknowingly Why should we do so ? Its us ,not them who is responsible for hurting ourselves. Its not because they come to hurt us , its because we stand for it and let them hurt us.

No forces can bend us down , until our willpower dies out. Everyone is a part of the blame game , we blame each other for everything that is happening around us , just to get a peace of mind. But whats happiness or peace of mind, how do we achieve it ? Do we get it when we hurt others through words and deeds? No

Its only achieved  from freedom , a good conscience, a good health and a good job  where we are respected for what we are doing . No one can be happier , if they are only aiming their happiness by hurting someone else. 

“Happiness and Moral duty are inseparably connected.”