Romance and Musings

A lovely morning



 My favorite time of the day is early morning , if ever I get up , early. I do know that getting up early , makes you feel fresh and the day goes good .But unfortunately ,sometimes my mind and body does not synchronize. 🙂

In my native place , I get up with my lovely mom and take a fresh bath and go to temple. When I am back from the temple , I sit on the sofa with a cup of hot tea (mmm… I just love it) and enjoy the newspaper.

Our house is in a beautiful place , its quite away from the road , but even then , sounds of vehicles on the road can be heard. In spite of all these , its quite silent. There are lot many trees small and big around the house , sometimes I do feel that, those trees obstruct the view of our house from the streets, but sometimes its quite good.

When I sit on the steps of our house , I can see the bright sun’s rays  peeping out of the leaves standing right on its way .In between those leaves , the sunlight looks like diamonds hidden under the bushes. Birds chirping around and looking out for food. 

Right in front of our house ,we have a tulsi plant ,that is considered a sacred plant. The sun’s rays falls directly on its leave , in the morning , giving it a godly look. Whenever we used to fall sick in , my grandma used to give us a medicinal tea ,which is made of this tulsi leaves and its truly worth drinking.In the dusk , we light a lamp right near the plant , its traditional .

Those lovely mornings are like dreams now, I miss them a lot.



Romance and Musings

Cartoons !!



How many of you love to watch cartoons ? 

Am sure pretty many of them love to watch cartoons and the first one that comes to our mind is ‘Tom and Jerry’ . But nowadays there are quite many channels with lot many different cartoons in it.

When Nandu was around 8 months , I search cartoons for her, so that she can watch them. The one I found was pocoyo a little boy in a blue dress .The cartoon was too good , it had only few characters in it – a dog , an elephant , a bird , a small bird , a caterpillar .Then going forward in other series they had added up a few. But overall it was appealing .

Nandu loved to watch that little boy play around. At first she never noticed when I kept this cartoon on , but later on she started to ask ” amma , pocoyo”. Now its like , I have to ask her  to stop watching , since I cannot watch anything else.

I do love to watch her when she keeps pocoyo in the laptop and imitates whatever goes on in that episodes. She remembers every single dialog and action without even looking at the screen.Its really fun to see her mimic everything as such in the pocoyo series.

Now she has more favorites too , like ‘peppa pig’, ‘Ben and holly’  and many more to come.Sometime I too love to sit and watch with her all these cartoon, reminding me about my good old days with my brother , when we used to watch scooby doo, richy rich , swat cats etc. in cartoon network.

During pregnancy , I loved to watch little Krishna , which was then aired on nick channel. The lovely little Krishna ,was so adorable. The animation was superb that I fell in love with that little Krishna , he was so adorable and endearing and spiritual.

Sometimes I think, that being a kid again is so amazing, at least nobody will make fun of us watching cartoons.:), though I don’t bother all those.


Romance and Musings

Vexatious journey from Bangalore to ernakulam




I always loved train journey ever since I was a kid. Looking out of the window , enjoying the fast moving world , the touch of the breeze on my hair , sometimes little droplets of rain falling on my cheeks during the rainy season , journey was fun .

When I moved to Bangalore , myself and my husband used to go to Kerala , by train , if ever we get the tickets else it was the boring bus journey.I experienced the proper local train rush , one day when we had to go in the local compartment.It was a dreadful journey , I think I ever had.

That day , we were so happy , that we had booked the tickets for home by train , since it was the first time after marriage that we were travelling in train. We got down from office , earlier so that so we could reach the station on time . As we reached the station , we realized that,the ticket we booked was for the day train and not the one for evening. We didn’t know what to do, we stood there thinking , totally insecure.

Our families were waiting for us there back home , since it was Onam holidays .Then we decided to take a local compartment ticket and as the time was nearing , we reached near the train to board the train. As I stood there , I was stunned as I saw people were like cluster of bees moving into the beehive , I was not going to board that train at any cost . We stood there waiting for the last train to come.

At 9 the last train came and we went in ans sat in the general compartment . As minutes passed , the compartment was getting filled , more and more people were boarding the train , and the compartment looked smaller for such a big group of people .At last the train moved , someway we tried to manage to sleep a little , I don’t know when I slept, may be when I was tired of seeing peoples faces , I slept off.

It was early morning , when I opened my eyes , I noticed the train wasn’t moving , I asked my husband what had happened. When I came to know , the train was stopped because of a silly strike and the train will not move until evening . I was outraged , but what to do then , we were stuck in some unknown place. 

Many started to abandon the train , and took the road way. We too decide to go on, some way we got a group taxi and went to the nearest bus  service area, can’t call it a city anyways.We got a bus from there , to Coimbatore and from there we took another bus to Cochin. 

To add more fun to our journey , this bus which we boarded , had its tire punctured at least 3 times during the whole journey.Someway ,we reached the Kerala border ,after hours and hours of waiting . To continue our journey , we took a local bus commuting in the local area and some way we reached Trichur. 

At last we had an hour more to our home , we were damn hungry and it was almost afternoon and we decided to eat.After that the last bus to board to our home came and we took the bus.But as we anticipated , it took almost 3 hours to reach our city , just because there was road work going on.

Not to end in the journey in a bad way , we reached home at around 6, we were so tired ,exhausted and more over cursing the whole government and the people and our fate too to have such a journey.

Even though the journey was quite different from any other journey we took up, I realized that we were more blessed .

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 
― Albert Einstein