Romance and Musings

Nandoos first haircut…




It was almost summer in Basel , and Nandu had turned 1 just 2 months back, so as customary we decided to shave her hair off , so that new healthy hair grows in its place. 

Here in Basel , to shave her head , we went to a Srilankan’s saloon , because there was no other place better for it. Since everyone at home said , its better to cut her hair on a good day and we waited for the good day, since Sundays here all the shops are closed the only option was on Saturday or any other working day. But Saturday  , we never do anything for the first time , some superstitious belief. 🙂

Then one day , when Nandoos dad came for lunch , we decided to take her for a haircut, since he had time then. I made her ready , even I tagged along , because we were not sure whether she will sit quietly there . We heard from many other parents that kids scream , when they ar having a haircut, so we were skeptical about it. 

When we  were their at the saloon , she became quite because it was guy who was cutting the hair. So we made her sit there on the chair, where the person had lifted the seat up by putting another layer of cushion on the chair.

Then he took a sharp knife kind of thing and I got scared as usual.Then he took a  trimmer and looked at  Nandu , she was still calm. She was looking around and thinking about what we were about to do to her.A clothe was put around her neck and she was looking at the mirror so keenly. 

He started to trim her hair and I was looking at Nandoos face , she seemed to be so excited and not knowing whats happening she was looking at the way they guy was trimming. Her eyes were right on the mirror looking at herself. Then when the barber  started to use the knife kind of thing , I was scared if she will get injured , but as usual she was excited and enjoying her first haircut.

After the haircut the barber gave her lollipop ,since she was silent and calm during the whole session.  :)We never forget the way she was sitting there for her haircut, it was so beautiful and I cherish it in my heart.