Romance and Musings

Rome- a memorable trip



After coming to Basel , for past 2 years we have been thinking of visiting Italy at least Rome and finally we decided to go for a vacation before Xmas. I think that was the best time we chose for it.

We were all set and ready , expecting a kind of rainy and sunny weather in Rome. When we got out of the airport , it was sunny , and with our heavy jackets on , it was impossible ,but we had no time to waste as the train to the city was leaving in few minutes, we ran to catch it , and luckily we got it.

From the train station , we had to catch a metro, and we were searching for the metro station all over ,the place, its was crowded .As we moved down towards the underground metro stations , it was like a big crowd.

As we saw the group , we never thought to catch the first metro, since the doors were opened for just few seconds and we never had plans to get lost in the city. 🙂

After reaching the hotel and freshening up we walked to see Colosseum ,an ancient amphitheater, it was looking awesome in the night sky with a full moon in the background shining in the night sky.

The next days were busy, we decided not to get lost in the city so took a local connection for internet and with the navigator we moved through the city. Seriously technology is so advanced , else going through not so crowded roads in Rome , we must have got lost long before .

We visited the Vatican city, it was a marvelous view from the top of the tour bus , couldn’t believe we were there for a moment . The inside view was breathtaking , the Sistine chapel ,, as it was a sacred place , silence has to maintained , but , we need not force ourselves to be silent, the paintings all over the place, is so breathtaking view that , we wish to stand there and keep looking at it.

Them we visited the Spanish steps , the Trevi fountain and many more .  It was not a big surprise to find a crowd over there in any place we visit ,it was all worth visiting. We roamed around  Rome  🙂  , while our camera never stopped clicking .Everything I see around was magnificent m even the remains of the building and statues were having its own beauty.

The funny thing was about the lift in the buildings , it was like a wooden cupboard and had not much space in it to stand.That was the only means to go up and down the building , at first I was scared to get in , but thinking about climbing 5 floors was tiring so didn’t think much about the danger. 🙂

The final day we sat in the open bus tour and roamed around the city , had a bad lunch and then boarded the train. The long queue waiting for the train tickets was too  boring, but then I noticed there was quick ticket counter ,and I saw two- three men walking around the same place, at first I thought it was someone from the railways to guide people. But to my surprise, i noticed them searching for something in the tray below , where the balance coins fall.  🙂 

The fun filled journey ended up at the airport with a sundae from McDonald and then it was time to fly back. When we reached Basel, it was raining  and cold , it was totally different from Rome , an isolated airport with countable number of people around.




Romance and Musings

Lovely cup of tea- makes my morning better :)



The first thing about my mornings is a cup of hot tea that too made by someone else and not by me 🙂

I always loved it , when I get a morning tea at home , now its like I have to prepare and by the time I get to drink it , it will be cold like an ice tea :). When I saw the movie “English Vinglish” , the opening scene was just like that ,in that the actress Sridevi , makes a cup of tea for herself and tries to sip it at least once, but every time some or the other calls her up and her tea remains there cold .I think its the case with every other women in the house. 

When I was in my teenage , my mom makes a tea for herself and sits next to me when am sleeping and wakes me up , just to make me jealous , showing off her hot cup of tea , and sipping it as if it was some fruit juice 🙂 that too around 5:30 in the morning. Then I cannot resist , I get up , just to have my warm cup of tea 🙂

Now when I see my lovely daughter , I remember my days as  a kid. She gets up in the morning and asks ” Mama , i want milk”,  and when I get her milk in her glass , she will smile at me saying “I am sorry , but I want my bottle ” . The way she expresses the need for the bottle  its irresistible that my heart melts and I give her milk in bottle .

Romance and Musings

Bubbles bubbles all over !!


   The joy of watching kids enjoying something is so precious and something that draws us into their happiness too and make us feel like a kid again. 

The first time I saw Nandu playing with bubbles at her play school , listening to the rhythm of the song “bubbles bubbles in the air”  , it was so pleasing. The moment she sees her teacher bringing the bubbles , she gets excited and once she gets excited , she keeps jumping ,laughing , and  I have noticed that always it brings a special joy to all kids.

The song had lyrics in such a way , that kids seems to follow it, they catch bubbles on their tow, fingers , mouth ,even they eat them too, as they were sweet :)During the one hour sessions , the only thing she liked the most was bubbles .

During summer season, we bought the bubble solution home and we used to play with it , sitting in the balcony .We blew bubbles in the air and we both watched it reaching high up in the sky, flying to other apartments , and rainbow colors filling in it. While playing with her , I felt like a kid again. 🙂