Romance and Musings

Bath with curd


As you read the heading you must be wondering what had happened. 

Yes , of course it was a proper bath with curd for Nandu. This was when she was around 10 months and in our apartment , the fridge was quite low , easier for her to take anything and unfortunately not locked.

I was in the bedroom cleaning up the mess which she had already made , and she was busy playing in the corridor.As I was getting busier in my cleaning , I just took my eyes off her.

After few minutes , I noticed she was not there , I panicked and ran to the place she was sitting  and playing  then I saw that she was in the kitchen. When I went  to check what she was doing , I stopped and looked at her. At first I was about to get angry , then when I saw her , all my anger turned into laughter .

She was all covered in curd, and hand was still dipped in the curd kept inside the fridge and she was licking it too. All over the place near the fridge there were drops of curd. I couldn’t stop laughing and seeing me laugh she too smiled and hugged me 🙂 .

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