Romance and Musings



The blue sky in the background makes it so beautiful .Can’t believe that this was place used for gladiatorial contests and  public spectacles such as mock sea battles, animal hunts, executions, re-enactments of famous battles, and dramas based on Classic Mythology.It is the iconic symbol of imperial Rome .

Romance and Musings



Romance and Musings

Paintings inside vatican museum


Romance and Musings

Xmas decoration


Romance and Musings

Campus Training !!!



I was one of the fortunate ones , who didn’t have run around hunting jobs after studies . 

Immediately after my degree course , though unexpected ,someway I got selected in an IT firm.At the age of 20 getting a job and handful salary was the happiest thing I ever had then.I happily set out to training location , Bhubaneswar,Orissa.

A different place ,different language and different food.I was quite excited but didn’t want to go away from my family too. On the way ,by train ,I was accompanied by many students from different places for the same training. 

The day , I had the training started , I reached my campus , quite early to leave my luggage in the hostel room and then proceeded to the hall where the induction would be starting. On the way I met a few students who were from my native place ,and I was quite happy , and I accompanied them. When I met them I never though that this friendship would be lasting longer .

There were total 107 students from different parts of India , all different in some or the other way.Even though everyone formed groups  based on their language, interests , region , there were a few among them , who did not matter all those much, but of course all were fun to be with.

We had fun filled days in the campus.My friends whom I met on the first day in the campus , became my everlasting friends , we enjoyed the best moments in life in the campus ,sharing food  , combined studies , sharing room and everything.We even got a chances to visit the places out there nearby.

But once we were placed in different locations , it was quite painful for all of us to leave .Every faces had tears rolling down, uncontrollably. When a big group ,including me was leaving to Bangalore , all the other batches accompanied us to the railway station to bid farewell. 

And thus ended the campus training and then started the days of working. 🙂 Even though  everyone is far in exception with a few friends , am sure everyone cherishes those fun filled  memories .