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Doctor Visit



Doctor is someone I hate to visit, if ever am sick , I better not mention it to anyone , its all because am scared of injections . Funny thing I have so many friends  who took medicine as their career. 🙂

This is not about me am about to write , its my sweet lil daughter and her doctors. Back in India , when ever we take her to the doctor , it was just only when we required vaccination for her and yes of course when she was very sick.

After coming to Basel, these episodes again repeated , visiting doctor for vaccination. After a year or so , she started to recognize the road to the clinic and even the place, and she starts all her drama then ,crying and shouting . But we had no other go than taking her to the doctor.

After a few times like that , she stopped crying ,she was playful in the clinic, started to speak to the people around there, but everything just vanishes when the doctor appears. Even though she cries , the doctor proceeds with his work, no doubt that he has been used to this kind of scenarios .

Once she was in a playful mood , even talking to the doctor ,and almost feeling sleepy a bit, and when the doctor gave her injection, she was not crying we were surprised . Its usual that , I start to feel like crying before her, when I see the injection. 

I think mothers are slightly insane in all these matters, but truly that makes them a ” MOTHER” .


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