Romance and Musings

Through my eyes

Eyes are such  wonderful cameras , captures beautiful pictures and saves it in our heart. 

While I was on the way to pick my daughter from her playschool, I was noticing the snow falling on the road, it was like a black sheet of paper is laid and someone from up there is throwing while spots on it, the drops were falling like they are in some random lines. 

The drops were seem to be in some race , falling down faster and trying to reach the ground and find a place before there fellow snowflake reaches . Like every single drops makes an ocean , the snow flakes were making a magnificent layer of snow , which looks like a white carpet laid on the road. 

The snow makes everything we see around as magical, as if we are in some wonderland, but with the freezing affect we realize that we are not in some other world . 

Its fun to watch kids play in snow, throwing snow balls at each other, just nothing else in mind other than their play. The wonderful stage of any ones life. Snow provoked my childhood memories  again .