Romance and Musings

Kids learn faster !!!



“Mama , Ola ” ,  I turned to her in astonishment . Yes , of course that was a Spanish word she said.

There was no other guess , she learnt  it from her favorite cartoon ‘Pocoyo’ . I do know that , because I have seen her watching Spanish episodes, sometimes French , or German nowadays even Chinese, but never expected her to learn it. It happens that whenever we are busy , we leave her to watch cartoon in the iPad and that led her to become quite a good expert on touchscreen.

She selects you tube on her own and selects her favorite cartoon to watch .As kids are not specific about language , they watch anything. 🙂 She showed me that language is never a barrier to learn or understand something. 

Kids are quite good at learning our fast growing technology and trends. They get to know many things , which we might not have seen or noticed. Once I noticed her do something on our mobile and something appeared on the screen, but after trying several times , we were not able to replay it. Then we had to observe what exactly she had done, only then we could do it.

Its funny , but that is the truth, kids are learning a lot and faster.They notice better than us and feel everything around them is important for them. They have the enthusiasm to learn which the older generation has lost.

I have heard the story of the mythological character Abhimanyu , son of Arjun and Subadra in Mahabharata , who learns to enter the Chakravuyh, while he was in his mother’s womb.As a mother, I have felt the movements my lil girl made when I used to talk to her whileshe was inside me.I wonder what knowledge must have been imparted to the infant inside the womb who just hear whats going around in the outside world.

The true way of learning is by imagination. In schools , kids learn pretend games and that help them to grow their  imagination a lot , beyond their boundaries.We should encourage them , so that ,their knowledge will become a source for them to the outer world. Let them get inspired by the nature, who is the true Teacher.

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” 
― Albert Einstein



Romance and Musings

Appreciation !!!

appreciation1Whenever my daughter makes something new with her building blocks  she calls me up and shows me . When I tell her its beautiful , she jumps with joy and I always love to watch her being happy.

When am in kitchen preparing something , she too comes down there , playing  in her mini kitchen and pretends to cook something. She then gives it to me and her dad to eat and as  we say her “its yummy” , her sweet little face glows and shines like thousands lights were lit up.In this busy world all these small happiness’ worth a lot. I always feel good when I see her happy , and I always make sure , I keep her happy. 

It’s all about spreading happiness and positive energy to others and in turn you never lose anything. Everything from small to big matters. Valuing someones or somethings presence is very important. If we never had the facilities what we have today , our life will not smoother like this.But its true that , whatever we have , we are never satisfied too . 😦

When someone helps us in anything , we just ignore what they have done for us and sometimes hurt them badly. What do we get from that , other than hatred. Some doesn’t need any worldly pleasures just a ‘smile’ and a happy face. 

Be thankful for the wonderful earth, sky , sun,moon and the stars and everything around us from living to nonliving. Be contended with what we are today because of yesterday and excited about what we might achieve tomorrow with hard work,patience,love and care.

Teach our kids to appreciate what they have and value it , it’s not about money because in this fast running world , we must have noticed that ,anything that costs around 100 bucks may cost either little bit more or less in coming months . 

Every day , every second is countable , make use of it and make our life rewarding .

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” 
― Voltaire