Romance and Musings

Naming !!!!

A big headache after my daughter was born ,was about naming her, I had exactly 28 days for the same , and had to choose a good one. 

Its so difficult to choose names , from those given by other people , since , we have to make sure that , choosing a name do not lead to upsetting others. Everyone are fond of babies and all of them tend to suggest names ,for confused souls like me. Since I never had a prepared anything.

I sat and started to check for the best ones, many names were coming up in my mind but some or the other suggested the same to me.I didn’t want to name my kid , some name , but something special ,and I finalized on a few names. Then , my mom came up with some letters to start the name from an astrologer , and the funny thing was that , the names I selected matched none. 🙂

I was left with 5 more days now, time was running faster than I thought, And at-last , I found a name , which was indeed special , quite related to  Lord Krishna ,and meaningful. ‘Nandana’ which meant ‘Delighting’ , ‘pleasing’. 

Nowadays , as one of my friend said , choosing a name is not a big deal but  what it turns out to be later is something that has to be kept in mind. 🙂 

Romance and Musings

Family Time

After celebrating my sixth wedding anniversary , I still feel like just got wedded the year before. The same ‘me’ and my partner , we fight and love the same way.Our daughter  was like my anniversary gift to our family , we expected her to be born around the same date, but anyways not that late.

Nowadays , divorces are becomes more frequent and everything changes between couples soon after marriage. A few gets adjusted , its not only women but men too , need to appreciate men with lots of patience too, since GOD has gifted patience to women more .:)  it seems.

When a child is born, the couples are transformed into parents , not then , but gradually  ,the feeling spread through their soul.The feeling of love transforms into another form , which is bonded by the child. Kids play a vital role in keeping the family together, nobody can sacrifice the happiness of their lovely little kids .

The whole world is running around, and family gets less time. Everyone needs to sacrifice few things for you family. Noting is gained without loosing.Many of us as kids must have experienced negligence from their parents ,as they were busy gathering things for us.But of course , a few must have got enough attention that , they might feel like being bugged by their parents. 

As a parent , I realize , how important my time is for my kid.There are many temptations around me , that drags me into it and I tend to leave her dong something alone , but I know I need to change it.Hopefully one day . 🙂

Better late than Never.