Vexatious journey from Bangalore to ernakulam




I always loved train journey ever since I was a kid. Looking out of the window , enjoying the fast moving world , the touch of the breeze on my hair , sometimes little droplets of rain falling on my cheeks during the rainy season , journey was fun .

When I moved to Bangalore , myself and my husband used to go to Kerala , by train , if ever we get the tickets else it was the boring bus journey.I experienced the proper local train rush , one day when we had to go in the local compartment.It was a dreadful journey , I think I ever had.

That day , we were so happy , that we had booked the tickets for home by train , since it was the first time after marriage that we were travelling in train. We got down from office , earlier so that so we could reach the station on time . As we reached the station , we realized that,the ticket we booked was for the day train and not the one for evening. We didn’t know what to do, we stood there thinking , totally insecure.

Our families were waiting for us there back home , since it was Onam holidays .Then we decided to take a local compartment ticket and as the time was nearing , we reached near the train to board the train. As I stood there , I was stunned as I saw people were like cluster of bees moving into the beehive , I was not going to board that train at any cost . We stood there waiting for the last train to come.

At 9 the last train came and we went in ans sat in the general compartment . As minutes passed , the compartment was getting filled , more and more people were boarding the train , and the compartment looked smaller for such a big group of people .At last the train moved , someway we tried to manage to sleep a little , I don’t know when I slept, may be when I was tired of seeing peoples faces , I slept off.

It was early morning , when I opened my eyes , I noticed the train wasn’t moving , I asked my husband what had happened. When I came to know , the train was stopped because of a silly strike and the train will not move until evening . I was outraged , but what to do then , we were stuck in some unknown place. 

Many started to abandon the train , and took the road way. We too decide to go on, some way we got a group taxi and went to the nearest bus  service area, can’t call it a city anyways.We got a bus from there , to Coimbatore and from there we took another bus to Cochin. 

To add more fun to our journey , this bus which we boarded , had its tire punctured at least 3 times during the whole journey.Someway ,we reached the Kerala border ,after hours and hours of waiting . To continue our journey , we took a local bus commuting in the local area and some way we reached Trichur. 

At last we had an hour more to our home , we were damn hungry and it was almost afternoon and we decided to eat.After that the last bus to board to our home came and we took the bus.But as we anticipated , it took almost 3 hours to reach our city , just because there was road work going on.

Not to end in the journey in a bad way , we reached home at around 6, we were so tired ,exhausted and more over cursing the whole government and the people and our fate too to have such a journey.

Even though the journey was quite different from any other journey we took up, I realized that we were more blessed .

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 
― Albert Einstein

Crazy reading !!!



I was reading around 2 at night , and I realized  , it was too late , since my body was not responding  as  my mind wanted it to.My eyes were burning , since I have been reading since 10 and I was engrossed in reading that book. 

Do you know what was I reading ? To some it will seem to be stupid , and to others little crazy , it was Twilight saga. I saw the movies except the last one , at least a few times , i loved the movie.And I was crazy to know what was the story ahead , out of excitement , i searched for the books all along and I got it downloaded from the Internet.I was happy and I started to read the last book , in the series , but I felt I was lost somewhere, I was not able to link the story that I had seen to what is written , then I decided to read it from first.

In just 4 days , I finished reading the whole book , it was crazy times ,I spend sleepless nights , reading .just to know what happens in the end. I realized  one thing then , that reading was far better than watching movies. Reading improves our imagination and movies kills it , since what imagination can do , reality cannot.

Every book , i start to read , I draw a picture in my mind and that helps me a lot  to enjoy reading, but its just not my potential , but the writer , because he/she has the lovely imagination which can be imparted into us.

Reading is no fun , when we cannot enjoy it .

Where is happiness ?




Whenever am about to write something , why is that I feel like writing about negative things around me. I feel negative thoughts are  more influential  , but then I think , what is the point in writing about all those , which is all about hatred ,when we cannot change anything around us. What we can do , is to implement change in ourselves , or in our family, or in our thoughts and that begins to happen only when we ready for it .

Sometimes I write and erase everything , it  helps me to get out all those negative thoughts , so that I make room for my positive ones . I look at my lovely little sweet heart , who does not know what this evil world around us has kept in store and always pray that I could protect her from all the evil ones as long as am with her.

When I look at her , all my love comes out and am able to pen down those beautiful thoughts I have.I never wanted to write about anything that hurts someones feeling knowingly or unknowingly Why should we do so ? Its us ,not them who is responsible for hurting ourselves. Its not because they come to hurt us , its because we stand for it and let them hurt us.

No forces can bend us down , until our willpower dies out. Everyone is a part of the blame game , we blame each other for everything that is happening around us , just to get a peace of mind. But whats happiness or peace of mind, how do we achieve it ? Do we get it when we hurt others through words and deeds? No

Its only achieved  from freedom , a good conscience, a good health and a good job  where we are respected for what we are doing . No one can be happier , if they are only aiming their happiness by hurting someone else. 

“Happiness and Moral duty are inseparably connected.”

Another busy day starts tomorrow..



After a long vacation, its again back to schedule. Nandu will be having playschool from tomorrow and I will get busy again. The long vacation was fun filled and we all enjoyed it very well.

The days were like long sleeping hours, late breakfasts and late lunches , small outings and a good vacation in Rome. Nandu is all set and ready for her school , back again to enjoy with her friends and lovely teachers. 

The long sleeping hours , made us so lazy it seems ,can’t even open our eyes ,even if its too late to get up.Now its again , time to get up early. This all reminds me about my good old school days . I was always lazy to get up early in the morning, my mom keeps on calling me and I keep sleeping again. Whenever she comes to check whether I was up from the bed , I sit up , and act as if am already awake and just getting off from bed . But the moment she goes back to kitchen , I fall back to bed , again to get at least a 2 minute sleep and it all ended up me getting enough shouting from her for being late.

Now thinking about all those good days , I wish I was a kid again.  🙂


Happy New beginnings !!!!





Every day is a new beginning  , but we all wait for a new year to come to start something new in our life.Every second in our life is precious , once lost ,will never get it back. 

We should live , love and cherish every moment in our life. May every second in our life , we try to do anything that makes others around us happier and valuable .Every day , when we open our eyes , let us all begin to live a new way .Have you observed the  sea , it brings what treasures it has in the depth  to the shore , along with the sea wave ,and when the time comes it takes it back, nothing is constant in life ,live for every second so that we never have to regret for anything.

Everyday is a new beginning , a new venture to start , a new way to see the life ahead, that makes us more loving , caring and be truthful to our selves. Its not about making ourselves beautiful everyday , but to make our thoughts and the way we look at our life  more elegant. 

Live and let live others .Be happy and contented with what you have. Histories have shown us , that seizing others dreams to accomplish ours will lead us to downfall. Any dream can be achieved with sincerity, love and hard work and more over by our own willpower. 

Let each day , we wish ourselves and people around us , to achieve  what they have wished for through a rightful way. 

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”