Parents know … listen to them



When we were kids , most of the things we used to do , our parents say, don’t do it , its not good for you  , or may be they say its bad to do . Even then , most of us were so happy to continue what we had being doing , until we realize it on our own. 

When I was a kid, my mom keeps telling me not to eat too many chocolates , it might harm my teeth, and I used to wonder , why she never want me to eat all lovely sweet things in the world. As my daughter arrived in my life, things changed, I started to think like my mom, I keep telling her , “don’t do this” ,” don’t do that ” ,” don’t eat this” , ” you should eat healthy things, chocolates are bad for you”  , and the history repeats , she never listens to me. 😦

Whatever our parents used to say , most of us turns a deaf ear to them, but , our inner self , takes all these advises into storage ( our brain) and use it , when we have kids , or any other loved ones. 

Its true , that , by the time a child understands their parents, they will be a  parent themselves. 

Our parents show us many things , many ways to live a happier life , but at times we failed to notice.They show us , what we need to live for , what we have to achieve and we have to throw out of our life , they wanted us to survive and not compete.

Hope we could do the same to our kids too and be a good parent , so that one day , as I am proud to have such wonderful parents ,my daughter too be.


Me and my dad :)


The cutest thing i have ever seen in my world is the bonding between my lil one and her dad. 

Its so beautiful , she being a daddy’s lil angel. However they grow, it will be the same .I too love to be with my dad .We speak a lot about my aspirations, my dreams , and many more. 

My lil darling waits for her dad to come home , before she sleeps, other day when I put her to sleep ,as he might be late from work, she kept on asking me why he was not coming mama ? why is he late ?? and many more questions . She waits near the door , waiting for the slightest  sound of the door opening or even his footsteps  and her dad entering into the house, where then, she can call out me saying that her ‘dad is home’.She keeps on murmuring to herself about him and drifts to sleep. 

The moment  he enters the house , if he finds her sleeping, he comes and give her a sweet kiss on her forehead ,and of course,  he will be missing his time with her.

If she is wide awake ,then , the enthusiasm  she shows is like a stimulus for him , to which he responds , and  they both starts to play around and I keep watching them. Its like he initiates everything to play with her, but due to tiredness he cannot proceed more and she will be like more energetic and wants to play with him ,even if it for the whole night. 😉

Earlier whenever I ask him to take her out alone, he used to panic, as if I asked him to face something dangerous. But now things have changed , he feel bad, if he doesn’t take her along.

Its so special to watch them , play together, eat together and cuddle together. At night , however she pushes him almost out of the bed. 😉 I wonder , when he might fall out of bed. 


Anger – leads to total mess




Whenever my lil one , does some mischief and as all mothers does , I try to correct her, but nothing goes well, because she is never ready to listen to me and am never to listen her, and we both get angry and leads to a total mess. 😦 , not my house but my mind.

For me , whenever am angry , I don’t know why my stupid tears run down my eyes ,showing that am so weak , I can’t get angry on the other person. Its like showing off my weakness , and its quite ridiculous . Sometimes , we get angry for silly things ,which is exactly what happens to me all the times . 🙂

Anger is not caused by the words we speak or the actions we do, it depends on the situation the other persons mind is going on too. Basically , to admit something to someone , we better need to check what exactly the other person is thinking and is he/she happy or sad, or upset or already in a bad mood.  🙂

Everyone can get angry , but to be angry for a right reason , right time and knowing how to deal with it , takes enough understanding and patience . Sometimes the reason for anger , will be as simple and easy to handle as a piece of cake, but the state of mind, is also important, when we are in a bad state, even smallest prick with a needle , will be like a stab with sharp knife . 

Anger does not bring you anything other than sadness and loneliness. Its never an answer to all your questions.

Changing tantrums !!!


Everyday its a new one. 

The only  similarity is the crying part, its like my lil one feels , if I don’t cry am not going to get it.I guess its all the same with kids.The are learning quite a good deal from everything around them.

When they are born , they are born crying , when they could not speak, they cry for milk and then they get it. It all starts with that I guess. Am pretty sure , when we were kids too , we must have implied this methodology to get things done. 🙂

And when we are grownups , its like sometimes it becomes a necessity , to cry to melt other hearts. Ladies are born to cry , it seems. We cry when we are happy, sad, angry , and whatever feelings come in , tears drops out, Strange !!!

I tell my lil one ,some times being a cry baby never gets you anything  other than being a laughing stock for others. 🙂  I hope she is smart enough to know what I meant , but quite sure that ,she is smart enough to know when to cry too. 🙂

Kids are all the same  and women too.  

The way to stop their tantrums is to neglect them , or deviate them, where in am quite successful sometimes and sometimes an utter failure. I know everyday  you can’t be a winner , sometimes,  you need to fail to learn the joy of winning. 😉

Hopefully I get over all these tantrums soon… with any ideas given by my mom and other mom’s works out well.




Can anyone memorize all things that happened in their life ? Am sure that most powerful memories out of them will be the worst and the extremely happiest ones , where we almost had a rush of adrenaline. 🙂

Its not that some people ( especially women , who memorizes dates too ) have strong memory power, its just that , they all have strong feelings attached to it. How does parents never forget their kids birthday , or even their exact feeling when their kids were born . its because they have the strongest memory of the things happened.

When there is an interest and an enthusiasm to do any thing in life, that memory stays forever with us. Even when we work harder to reach our goal, that brings a special happiness in us, how can someone forget that?

Its the same with heartbreaking memories too, mostly we humans can memorize all worst feelings rather than the best in our life.Its up to us to how we deal with worst memories, either avoid such things to happen again , or else , learn from it.

Sometimes remembering is easier ,and forgetting them are tougher. 🙂


Keeping busy , not your brain but you


Sometimes I do feel that , if am busy all day ,its easy to live, else I feel like getting bored.

If am not busy, my brain tends to get lazy…else it need not think anything, and that is always better not to think too much. It seems like thinking is injurious to health in my case . 😉

Some people keep on thinking and everything remain in their head , its not even conveyed. Some keep saying whatever comes in their mind , out with out even bothering what others think. I have read somewhere that , thinking more leads to more serious problems , that were never there in the first place.SO I seriously think that thinking should be avoided 😉 best for you.

Poor brain , it keeps working all the time , and I wonder doesn’t it get wear n tear at all.May be when it gets tired of thinking , it leads us to something wrong and then to get out of all those , again we have to try hard. 

Thinking too much never led me anywhere , other than a messed up brain.:) When  do something without thinking , I feel quite easy to flow with the things happening around me. The more I plan , the more complicated it looks.

Our life is a like a program , its not easy to read and understand the program written by one programmer by other, so its better not to mess up with what is already written by GOD by us , because everything happens around us with a reason. If someone comes to our life to mess up , we can’t change anything, but face it with all the courage, At least that is what we are supposed to .

“Five percent of the people think; 
ten percent of the people think they think; 
and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.” 
― Thomas A. Edison




“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”


My lovely Valentines day started with a my sweet lil daughter’s “Good Morning Mama” . Nothing is more important to me than her lovely smile.It really makes my day.

She wanted me to sleep more, cuddling  next to her and that is something i love to do. Valentines day have become just like any other normal day. I don’t see any thing different  around me, because everyday for me is special and i live every moment am given.

Back in India, I had seen many couples roaming around the city with so many roses and chocolates.But the new generation love , has nothing so pure in it, its just passing fantasies, everyone forgets the day and move on to the next person. 

I have seen older couples , walking hand in hand, loving each other, caring , its so beautiful to see , and then I truly feel that love can be forever , if there is true form of love and care exist.Love gives life a special meaning , it gives us the courage and strength to live , it makes it worth living.We can overcome all fears , when someone believes in you. We can live the life as we are , without changing ourselves for someone, if someone truly loves you, they will never want you to change  , but just be the same and love you more and more with all the flaws you have.

I always feel myself lucky that my love is always with me, whatever am , and whatever I do . Living with all the differences together and sharing everything, happiness and sorrows , being with each other .When am sad , i just need a perfect smile and a word of encouragement , and who else knows that better than my love.I just can’t imagine a life without him and of course my lovely lil girl.Nothing matters more ,when you have someone loving you truly and wholeheartedly.Life is never easy , and when you are in love, things are smoother and every soul connected to it has to work through it , to make it worthy living.

Love is beyond words , even silence speaks louder than words.

“The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.” 
― Marilyn Monroe