I wish she ….



I wish she had learned to crawl  ..( 2 months old)

I wish she had learned  to walk … (6 months old)

I wish she would be able  run …( 1 year old)

I wish she would sit quietly….( after 1.5)

This is a kind of never ending wishes, when my lil pie was born , I wanted her to sit n talk to me, or play with me and I thought that , it would be more relaxing , but every stage was a new challenge.

When she started to crawl  , it was like where ever I go , she was just right behind me ,everywhere. 😛  I know its the case with every mom. When she started to walk around , she always wanted to walk , and sometimes when am in a hurry , I just wished she could run with me , and I think the wish was soon granted.

When she started to run , I just wanted her to sit somewhere peacefully and so that could gulp in a few sips of my tea  , but instead , it was like I never got a chance to sit and eat or drink.  And now , its like I have to force her to go and sleep , or play , just to get to some ‘my time’ .

Anyways good enough that I learned very well  to cook , eat , sleep  , play , talk and do many things with one hand, half mind and half concentration , as all other mommies  . Yes , the other half or may be three- fourth for my lovely lil daughter.

Other day when I spoke to a new mommy , she just repeated what I had always been saying since I became a mom , ” I wish my kid just started to walk , rather than lying down and playing ”  , I couldn’t stop laughing , because I know what a new mom expects ,” to relax a lil bit  at least” thinking that if the kid is own their own they may not bother their moms. , which is just a wish . 

But once the kids are grown up , they stop to look for us ,rather they need to be alone all the time and mothers will deeply wish to get a second with their kids.

So am truly , cherishing all the moments with her , rather than wishing for something new.

Joy of Cooking



In my early years , I always hated the idea of cooking and was rather interested in eating whatever my mom cooked.

I thought marriage was dangerous , as I will have to cook all the time and the worst of all what will be the condition of who eats it. But who can stop the destiny , I got married . 😦 , them the initial stage of cooking was like all trial and error , as I wasn’t sure what to make and how to make and as all newly weds have  , I too had lot many confusions in my mind.

Luckily , in some or the other way , some dishes came out well , so I was kind of relaxed ,but always got tensed when I had guests at home. Cooking was kind of curiosity , until I see a smile from my husbands face after he has the first bite of it , I am always worried ,since he checks whether the food is appetizing . I am thankful for that , he was the one who motivated me in cooking , as all other people , I too loved to be praised for what i did. 🙂

And now cooking has become a passion, as I wanted to make something always special for my daughter. I love to see her eat what I cook and when she says “its delicious mama ” , I am happy. That is more than any other appreciation I have ever received. 

I was someone , who hated the idea of cleaning and cooking , but now am someone who insist to do it, as I don’t want her to learn bad things from me and I have to set a good example for her .

Children learn from what we do , rather than what we tell them , they should do.

Learning the unspoken words


As I always said , life is quite easier when kids can read through the expressions of their parents and understand them.

I have seen many parents who calm their kids with just a mere look  and I always wondered what does the kid understand from just silence.Earlier I shout at my lil one ,and thought shouting will make them hear a lil bit better and I may sound like am angry  , but most of the time it turned out to be a big failure. The more I shout , the more irritated we both used to get and at last it will be me , who keeps mouth shut as I never have energy to fight again.

At last I thought , may be I should try the same methods as other parents , at least for sometime they may keep calm.She used to understand most of the time if am angry , and immediately to make me smile , she gives me a kiss. She thinks that kiss is like a remedy for her mom’s anger , so that I don’t shout at her or get angry.With a lovely kiss, she melts our heart.

Yesterday , I had a bad throat pain , that I was not able to speak ,so I though better not to shout at her for anything and kept quite.She was banging the xylophone on the door , and I was as usual angry , but I just kept quite and looked at her sharply , and immediately she looked at me, and stopped doing that and asked me ” why not” , still i didn’t reply her, and then she felt that something was wrong and immediately put her xylophone down saying “OKK” .

I couldn’t resist laughing , and I was happy , silence works .  🙂

Sharing,Caring ,loving and many more to go


We always find it difficult to share something with anyone, loving someone unconditionally and care selflessly.

I keep telling my daughter , that you should learn to share and am sure every other mom does it.The other day I saw a video where in they shared a lovely message ,” If you give a little love, you can receive a little love of your own” . This is something that everyone doesn’t do, its easy to make a video , and share a good message for goodness but difficult to follow.

Everyone is busy in their own world, with their work, life, relationships stand apart from everything.Even a small gesture of affection is enough to make someone happy. It need not be an expensive gift, an expensive holiday or shopping , or as simple as a lovely  flower , everything seems less in front of a lovely smile and the time you spend with a loved ones.

A family becomes a family , when everyone shares,cares ,love and support  each other unconditionally.How lovely a life will be when no one has to tell their loved one , how much they are happy , or sad or troubled , but still they know and finds a way to help us or share our happiness. 🙂



Before being a mom , I used to wonder how people manage kids, and when am a mom , i keep wondering how do people manage more than one kid. 

How do they manage when both the kids cry? How do they manage to buy same toys for both kids ? How do they travel with two or more kids? Like that so many questions pop up in my mind. Some advice me , not to have second one , as they find it difficult to manage ,ans a few tells me , its so adorable to see the kids enjoy together especially sibling enjoy together more.

I know the real fun of having a sibling , as  I have a brother with whom , I fight a lot, play a lot, and many more things we do. We share our thoughts , our dreams , its so special always to have someone always to hear us.How much ever we fight ,its difficult to stay away. 

I still remember the days ,when I used to feed him his food in his mouth ,even though at times I hate doing it , as its like pampering him more still , i enjoyed it , may be even now , I can do it. We both talk for hours ,even if there is no topic as such to talk about.He makes fun of me, play pranks , hit me, even I do all those on him still we are brother and sister. 

At one point in life ,we all require someone like a brother or sister ,even if it to fight or for a shoulder to cry on. With a brother or sister , we learn to share,love, kindness and  friendship  , everything doesn’t happen easily in any relation , it takes time and time heals everything.When I see how bigger kids take care of their younger ones , its so beautiful .

A sibling may be the keeper of one’s identity, the only person with the keys to one’s unfettered, more fundamental self.  ~Marian Sandmaier


Family picture


My lovely daughter loves to draw a lot , whenever she gets a chance she scribbles something on her board and ask me to capture all those in my camera.

Even though I don’t need a camera to remember whatever she drew , I want to show it to her when she grows up. The other day , she drew a flower , i loved the way she was sketching it , truly her imagination works quite a lovely way. She drew a circle first and then , a lot many small circles around it connecting each other, and finally it became a flower. These things I never taught her , she must have observed  a lot from what others do , and of course this is the age for it, copying, imitating.

The other day she drew me and her dad ,  it was such a cute pic , I was smiling when she pointed me that one of them was me  and the other her dad.She was so happy and excited , to draw that picture. 

Its so sweet how they realize a family ,consisting of her mom,dad and herself and very soon she would realize the importance of a family too.Family means everything ,it builds up relation with lots of love and respect.

We as parents need to teach them , to respect a family bonding , by showing them exactly what it means having a family.Family is not an important thing , but everything .

Troublesome Bedtime


The other day I was discussing with my mom about our  mischievous lovely darling  and her sleep habits and then I discovered a few other things about myself and my brother’s childhood too.

Whenever my lovely girl goes to bed, she needs all her toys especially those that cannot be put on her bed while going to sleep. She takes all the blocks,drum ,sticks and whatever she plays when she is about to sleep, and the biggest problem is that we cannot remove one from the bed at all  before she gets sleep. 

We both have to sleep in midst of all her toys and sometimes she just cuddles near me and push aside all her toys to her dad’s side and poor her dad, he has to find place to sleep after moving all those toys to a  side. :). Anyways am quite not lucky enough , because she carries a xylophone stick , that most of the times she pokes into my eyes or head or ears and where ever she can before she doze off.

And once she sleeps off , we remove all those and keep it near our bed , because at times middle of the night she wakes up and asks for all her toys .Damn her memory …she counts all the toys ,so can’t even fool her then too. 🙂

As I was complaining about her to my mom ,she said , this is no different from what myself and my brother were doing when we were kids too. Kids at all stages do the same  🙂 , may be a little less or a little  more.