You do… I too do the same


My lil daughter is following that pattern now, imitating her dad and her mom.

She wants to wear the same kind of slippers that I wear and says ” Mama..matching matching ” .The whole day when she is with me, she wears that, once her dad enters home, she needs to wear slippers something similar to her dad.She does not even let him remove it and sit anywhere, all time it should be on his legs ( poor her dad).

When am cooking , she looks at me and tries to copy exactly what I do , like if am stirring something in the pan, she too does the same. If I stand leaning on to the table , she does the same… it’s so lovely and cute to see them do all these. 

In bad sense I meant , many times when I get angry on her, for her mischievousness , I raise my hands to show her that I would beat her, and I noticed that , she does the same to her doll , while she was playing with it. I felt sad, bad and totally lost, and didn’t know what to do. The act I did was killing me inside , I felt I should not have done it, and I have to correct it.Now whenever I get angry , I try to control ,myself , not to enact such silly mistakes.

Kids learn a lot from us, even though we don’t teach them as such, they tend to learn from what they see around.As parents , we need to be quite sure what words we use, what actions we show and many more. 

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