Dad’s melting heart



Dad’s are truly so sweet I feel, they show toughness outside , but most of them just melt away at the sweet request of their lovely kids.

One best example is my lovely husband ,though he shows up to us as a serious guy, he is the right opposite to our lovely darling.Once she comes up with requests , which she knows her mom , that’s me , won’t do it for her, she starts all her drams and the first one to fall for it is her dad.

Other day , she was asking for chocolates and immediately I said no to it, as I wanted to be a good mom and not to spoil her teeth ….and her dad repeated the same. But she was adamant , she though to keep on trying because she knows either one of us will fall for her demands.

She kept crying ,and I immediately moved to the kitchen, not to see her, else I would be the first to agree to her.Her dad as usual said “NO ” to her first ,then slowly when her cry grew more n more louder ,he said ” I don’t have chocolates here , I will go get it from outside” , then again the next stage of crying started ,then her dad said ” OK , only one chocolate, no more OK” .

And it all ended up in her having 4 chocolates in her hand , and I couldn’t stop laughing.Seriously , dads are sweet , they can’t stop themselves in making their sweet little pie happy.

The time my lil one , enters home back from her school, she keeps calling her dad, thinking he might be hiding in somewhere , waiting to surprise her. Even when he is late from work, she keeps waiting for him, that’s the loveliest thing to see and the moment he puts the key in the door to open, then she jumps up with joy.

For dad’s their lil angel will be the same , how much ever they grow.

Everyday a new lesson


Its quite challenging to be a parent ,we need to be a teacher, a friend,a scientist, a researcher and all together a mother. 

They need a change always . Earlier my lovely daughter used to sleep and nowadays  she doesn’t . Things change , she needs something more to do in the day, either go out for shopping ,or parks or need to see her friends.

I try hours and hours to make her sleep ,as she becomes tired and of course I need some time to myself, which seems to real impossible thing in the near future. I am anyways finding out something new to play or to do , and even to eat , so that she finds some variety.

I waited for summer to arrive and last week seemed to be quite good enough promising better coming weeks, but it turned to out to be the opposite , its rainy and that means remaining indoors is the best else chances of falling sick.

As a mom what all things I have to keep checking , I never thought I will ever have to do check the weather just to get out of the house, as I never used to be worried of the same.Now I keep searching for ideas to keep her engaged else she will eat my brain and I hate to be out of patience with her.

Seriously Learning never ends, am learning a lot about parenting . Again many more … go.