Romance and Musings

Play Time



My daughter loves to play around with her toys as all other kids with her toys scattered around which she never bothers to pick up n clean.

I know this is with all the kids . The more we ask them to clean up , the more messier they become.My lovely daughter has a different method, she pretends that she is cleaning up and puts just one or two in the basket and the rest she will ask us to clean it up.

Whenever am off to cleaning , I someway manage to clean up her toys and the moment I clean up the room and move to the next one, she makes sure that , she puts all the toys back on the floor. 🙂 And the cleaning becomes a never ending process.

When her granddad was here , I cannot recollect how many times , that he used to help in cleaning up her toys , but I do appreciate the patience in doing so. Grandparents can do a a lot many things for their grandchildren , all out of love and affection.

Whenever her dad makes a bigger tower than hers, she knocks it down and again make him do it .She always love to play with her dad, because only dads can play as the kids want them to. How much ever they get tired , dads adore to play with their lovely little kids.

Play time is the best way to teach many things to kids , they learn , enjoy and enact what they have learnt. It so beautiful to observe the kids play.