TV addictions

Truth , but a bitter one , I admit that ,to get some free time ,I put my kids right in front of the television , and let them watch some stupid cartoons. I don’t  know how else I can manage to get a few minutes out of my schedules. 

The only reason my elder one became silent was , I let her watch cartoons , than speak to her mom. I put her right in front of a computer or  TV and slid myself out of her attention to cook, clean , or talk , or whatever I wan a do. I do not want to repeat  such mistakes again with my second one.

I truly wish to advice my fellow parents , who are like me , to dedicate more time for your kids , because time once lost will never come back. The mistakes cannot  be changed , A mistake is always a mistake , unknowingly or knowingly.  I feel so guilty , for not giving much time to her , leaving her to watch some cartoons, which she loves to , still TV cannot replace a mom or a dad.

Now what I do is, I let her watch a few cartoons, which is quite informative ,and I do keep a watch that she doesn’t watch too much. I have seen  her heights of addiction   to a cartoon ” chota bheem” . Once she saw her dad , getting a rid of a dog , which had entered our compound , and to our surprise she calls out her dad and says ” dad ,take this laddooo ( pretending to throw a laddoo to her dad, like chutki gives to chota bheem  )” . She thought that  ,in such situations , having a laddooo in such situations , help gain power and we can fight.

What Can I tell her ?

We all laughed . 

Thats when I realised her heights of addiction. Better late than never, I have diverted her attention to few other things , that she enjoys.


New beginnings

My elder daughter is all set for her schooling in a bigger school. 

She is as much excited as am , every time we pass by her school , she points it to us , “tats my school mom,” and I can read exactly how happy she feels . In my older posts , I have put up what exactly I felt leaving her at school , there is no difference even now , Am still the same old mom for her, who is sooooo worried about her , even when she is quite independent.

Seriously , when will all moms learn to be tension free  ( just a joke, no mom can ever be tension free… if so they are not moms )

When our kids are babies, we just want the time to fly soon , and our babies start crawling , walking and many more. But once they start doing what all we wanted them to and some extras , we wish they just sit quietly ( strange but true) .we mommies are always like that , nothing can change us.

Every time my daughter is moving to a new stage , she is  accompanied by panicky mom and a carefree dad. Even though am perfectly sure about how good she is managing herself , I am like , “oh !! what she will do ” , ” will she be ok ” etc.  Every night during our bed time , I keep telling her , that when her school opens , Myself and her younger sister will be coming to drop her at school  and we will be waiting for her to come back  from school to play with us.

Am surely going to miss her during her school hours, but that life, I cannot restrain her from her future, just for sake of over caring ,over loving , over possessiveness .I look forward for her holidays to come , like a peacock for rain , to be with her.

Have a lovely schooling my dear. Best of luck.


Helping your kid dealing with insecurity

I felt my lil pre-schooler feeling insecure…I know the reason is the newcomer in our family.

I was certain that she loves her lil sister, but don’t know how to be with her.

I started reading through expert advises  ,thought something might help me out of my problem , as always these best parenting sites like , etc helps me most of the time , and the only effort for me is to put in action what I read in it.

One of them after reading through the tips , I liked was , how to put your elder one busy while feeding your lil one ,that’s something I feel is effective , like you have to spend that time with your preschooler by reading them some books , or helping them to do some other activities , where  in you can just give your full dedication . My daughter loves to draw, and so while am feeding I sit next to her and help her draw pictures.

Second tip , that caught my attention ,is praising them for their best works , like for being good , helping me in my work or other activities , like today , she helped me to sing her lil sister to sleep , that was something really soothing and I loved it. 

And of course parental tips from my lovely  mom and friends … I too share a few tips  with my friends like an expert mom , who finds it useful like me. 

Of course experience speaks better ,than anything else. 

Hope I learn to be a better mom going forward .

love u mom

“Mom you always scold me , and not my brother, you love him more than me “

Am pretty sure , most of them who have a brother or sister must have  told this to your mom several times . Even me too…don’t know how many times but surely uncountable . As a kid,I used to get angry when my brother was given extra attention , which was just my side of view to situations.

As always I was wrong , and I realised that no mom can love their kids differently, but only equally . As a mom of two , I can understand now what it feels like when our elder kid feels ,when am loving the younger one. We moms unintentionally , make our elder ones insecure.

My lovely daughter , who is always mature enough sometimes, is behaving like a baby , just to get special attention, inspire of me explaining her that I love her as she is . And of course she will be my lil baby forever. And I found a way to make her feel comfortable , just to be with her all the time , and  involve her in everything I do, even for my second one.

Really thanks to my mom, and my wonderful friends who is always  with me when am totally lost.  

Myself and my mom had enough fights for a life time, and now she asks me ” which kid of yours do u love more? ” and the only thing I could tell her is that….” whatever it is…don’t I love u mom always” . 

And that’s the only strong belief I can keep having forever, that whatever I do, am pretty sure , that my lil ones will always love me .


job or parenting ????


A common dilemma  in a woman’s  life , is choosing between something she wants to do and something she likes to do.

A job, is something she wants to do , to become independent and earn on her own than asking anyone else . But even being a full-time mom also she wants ,because she does it out of unconditional love. Being mom , was something I chose to , for my lovely daughters , because  I want to be with them in every step of their life, every move they make, I want to be a silent contributor, I treasure these as the most beautiful memories and moments in my life.

I know how much other moms miss , when they go for jobs, and some don’t , it’s up to every individual how they can manage everything. I opted for being a full-time mom, as I cannot manage a job as well as my family , may be am not perfect enough for the same, but I love being mom than being an employee…because job never gives me a satisfaction of being a mom. 

For every woman , there is a point of time ,when they have to sacrifice few things, but am sure its just a wise decision , for me I didn’t want to miss my kids presence , I feel so empty when am without them.  I advised many mommies , depending on how their kids react to their absence , if the kids need their mommies , then am pretty sure , they should be  with them. 

You can get a job anytime , but kids , they grow , and by the time you are out of job, you feel , you have missed many things . And of course  being mommy is a full-time job , giving us the best satisfaction ever in our life.