being a mom again


After  having a kid , I was satisfied ,happy , contended , As every other mom , happy to give my full  dedicated time to my kid and she was happy too . But then I thought she needed someone of her own other than her own parents, but I was again confused , will I be able to love him/her the same way as I love my daughter , will I be able to give equal attention to both kids , will it be difficult to handle both and many more questions pondered in my mind ,still I wanted to be a mom again .

My thoughts were determined and I was confident still the entry of a new one in our family , I was confused about how she would be reacting to it, will she love the baby , will she hate the baby,  will she hurt her and indirectly hurting the baby cause me to hurt her ….as such so many random thoughts worried me. The worried all made worst dreams and worst actions , so then I thought its better to be relaxed and welcome our new member with all happy thoughts .

I made sure I talk to both my kids, one inside and one outside , during the pregnancy period ,and let them talk to each other , someway ,it was easier.I tell my daughter once she is back from her school that her baby missed her , and so she touched my tummy and the baby moves inside, and I  could see a lovely smile on her face lighting up and it makes me happier .

The day our baby was due , I told her that I will be back with your lovely baby, and she said “yes , am waiting” and of course she was waiting . When I was back , with the baby, the only worry  she had was that I had an injection on my hand.Poor gal , when she saw me tired and sleepy, she just hugged me , and kissed me ,and all my worried were gone into thin air.

Its a tough job to be a mom of two , ofcourse it takes lots of patience and loads and loads of love .With my two two lovely angels , my life is getting more interesting and fun.