Romance and Musings

love u mom

“Mom you always scold me , and not my brother, you love him more than me “

Am pretty sure , most of them who have a brother or sister must have  told this to your mom several times . Even me too…don’t know how many times but surely uncountable . As a kid,I used to get angry when my brother was given extra attention , which was just my side of view to situations.

As always I was wrong , and I realised that no mom can love their kids differently, but only equally . As a mom of two , I can understand now what it feels like when our elder kid feels ,when am loving the younger one. We moms unintentionally , make our elder ones insecure.

My lovely daughter , who is always mature enough sometimes, is behaving like a baby , just to get special attention, inspire of me explaining her that I love her as she is . And of course she will be my lil baby forever. And I found a way to make her feel comfortable , just to be with her all the time , and  involve her in everything I do, even for my second one.

Really thanks to my mom, and my wonderful friends who is always  with me when am totally lost.  

Myself and my mom had enough fights for a life time, and now she asks me ” which kid of yours do u love more? ” and the only thing I could tell her is that….” whatever it is…don’t I love u mom always” . 

And that’s the only strong belief I can keep having forever, that whatever I do, am pretty sure , that my lil ones will always love me .


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