Helping your kid dealing with insecurity

I felt my lil pre-schooler feeling insecure…I know the reason is the newcomer in our family.

I was certain that she loves her lil sister, but don’t know how to be with her.

I started reading through expert advises  ,thought something might help me out of my problem , as always these best parenting sites like , etc helps me most of the time , and the only effort for me is to put in action what I read in it.

One of them after reading through the tips , I liked was , how to put your elder one busy while feeding your lil one ,that’s something I feel is effective , like you have to spend that time with your preschooler by reading them some books , or helping them to do some other activities , where  in you can just give your full dedication . My daughter loves to draw, and so while am feeding I sit next to her and help her draw pictures.

Second tip , that caught my attention ,is praising them for their best works , like for being good , helping me in my work or other activities , like today , she helped me to sing her lil sister to sleep , that was something really soothing and I loved it. 

And of course parental tips from my lovely  mom and friends … I too share a few tips  with my friends like an expert mom , who finds it useful like me. 

Of course experience speaks better ,than anything else. 

Hope I learn to be a better mom going forward .


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