I can see my lil one growing up to be a caring and loving sister to her younger sister.

I feel so proud when I see her taking care of her, she helps me to feed her , picking up the things i ask when am busy with her younger sister, making her sleep . Whatever she is busy with , she leave it , immediately seeing her sister awake. She likes to play with her ,all the time ,and even like to put her to sleep by singing for her.

I love the way she helps me to put her to sleep , which is toughest thing for me to do,the moment she starts singing for her, she gets her to sleep . As all other kids ,she gets angry and jealous too ( of course she is a kid too) sometimes. She copy whatever we keep telling to her baby sister. When I  play with her , she immediately leaves whatever she does and comes and join us.

Truly with all these magic around  me

, I feel having two ids is really a double blessing , of course there are hardships , troubles, we loose lots of patience , we shout , cry , everything happens , but that’s life. 

And am enjoying it a lot as a mom .

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