I want like that



Copying is a general tendency in kids, and I have seen it grow more and more , by years in my daughter. 

Sometimes its good and sometimes its bad. As parents , when our kids copy good behaviour from other kids , we feel happy but at the same time , if its a bad one,  then we tend to get angry , reacting badly to kids, and in a way ,showing our kid another bad side of ours. 

Even I do the same, I get angry, and rethink about it only when we have made the damage. These damages cannot be changed , and if changed , it takes time. We as parents need to impart good into our kids, and learn them to distinguish between good and bad. I make sure that, once i realise I have done bad, I apologise to her , trying to put up in her mind, that if ever you realise your mistake you need to apologise.

My daughter has more tendency to copy her friends, which leads to do like others, than being herself, sometime I wonder what it would be like , later when she grows up. Then my mom , assures me by saying , these things will fade of , and she will be herself, however she copies her friends. Sometimes its fun to watch kids do things alike. 

Sometimes as moms we feel that kids copying for things like , food , dress n all is negligible . But  kids , they smartly , copies all and demands for everything like others ” I want like that one ….mom” . Don’t know whether to stop it or encourage it. 



When I was a kid i used to wonder why teachers give lots of home works….some time they are interesting , and sometimes soo boring…and of course as all parents says … home works are important and it helps you assess your knowledge but nowadays it seems like kids are overloaded  with lots of work, the time they have to enjoy playing they have lots more to do.

As soon as my kid enters home, she takes a bath n has her lunch,, then immediately she wants to finish her home works, seems like interested to write , but its just for the start , after sometime , after all the fun colouring , she wants me to help her. 

ITs easy if someones holds a pencils and make them write , no need to think , no need to say and no need to strain just like a doll on a string dancing along ,with the string movement . She enjoys writing sometimes, but sometime when there is lot more to do , she just gets bored, and I do love to help too, as its easier ,because home works finishes faster.

Kids in this generation are far more advanced,they learn everything quickly. Its like we have to be in pace with them to be better. Studying is  easier , as long as kids enjoy it , once it is a burden, they stop learning .

Sleeping tantrums


Her round eyes keep staring me  while I make her sleep…singing singing , something am not so good at. I keep murmuring in my thoughts , what exactly is going on in her mind, looking at me while she is feeling soooo sleepy. 

i felt she wants me to pick her up from her cradle and hold her in my arms, play with her, cuddle her. Even though I feel she wants all these, i do not pick her up , because , she is sleepy. She keeps smiling , trying to convince me ” mom , i don’t want to sleep now, just let me play , or be in your arms ,to look around ,what’s happening” . 

She keeps playing , in her cradle , or making noises trying to deviate my mind , and convince me , to pick her up, she does all these dramas and  of course she does make us take her and we could  see the joy in her eyes .

I always loved t make my daughters sleep, its sometimes  tedious , now its  more like a hurdle for me, somedays its easier , somedays whatever we do , they don’t feel like sleeping.

Wondering what all next to come .



The most difficult job is to teach kids , sometimes ,we don’t know how to make them write , or read or do anything because of their counter questions.

When I ask my kid to write something properly , she writes everything in her own style , sometime right and sometime wrong , and if we dare to go correct them , then she says that what she has done is only right , and they don’t eve bother to correct it.

Sometimes I wonder what it will be the condition of their teacher , they have to manage a group of different types of kids. Teaching is a hectic job, its like you have either a group of kids who understand or a group to make understand.

A teacher makes the future of a kid , they take enough a lots of efforts to put things right for them. Kids spent their majority time with them, I have seen my daughter , playing teacher at home , showing me exactly what do they do in school.