Sleeping tantrums


Her round eyes keep staring me  while I make her sleep…singing singing , something am not so good at. I keep murmuring in my thoughts , what exactly is going on in her mind, looking at me while she is feeling soooo sleepy. 

i felt she wants me to pick her up from her cradle and hold her in my arms, play with her, cuddle her. Even though I feel she wants all these, i do not pick her up , because , she is sleepy. She keeps smiling , trying to convince me ” mom , i don’t want to sleep now, just let me play , or be in your arms ,to look around ,what’s happening” . 

She keeps playing , in her cradle , or making noises trying to deviate my mind , and convince me , to pick her up, she does all these dramas and  of course she does make us take her and we could  see the joy in her eyes .

I always loved t make my daughters sleep, its sometimes  tedious , now its  more like a hurdle for me, somedays its easier , somedays whatever we do , they don’t feel like sleeping.

Wondering what all next to come .

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