When I was a kid i used to wonder why teachers give lots of home works….some time they are interesting , and sometimes soo boring…and of course as all parents says … home works are important and it helps you assess your knowledge but nowadays it seems like kids are overloaded  with lots of work, the time they have to enjoy playing they have lots more to do.

As soon as my kid enters home, she takes a bath n has her lunch,, then immediately she wants to finish her home works, seems like interested to write , but its just for the start , after sometime , after all the fun colouring , she wants me to help her. 

ITs easy if someones holds a pencils and make them write , no need to think , no need to say and no need to strain just like a doll on a string dancing along ,with the string movement . She enjoys writing sometimes, but sometime when there is lot more to do , she just gets bored, and I do love to help too, as its easier ,because home works finishes faster.

Kids in this generation are far more advanced,they learn everything quickly. Its like we have to be in pace with them to be better. Studying is  easier , as long as kids enjoy it , once it is a burden, they stop learning .

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