I want like that



Copying is a general tendency in kids, and I have seen it grow more and more , by years in my daughter. 

Sometimes its good and sometimes its bad. As parents , when our kids copy good behaviour from other kids , we feel happy but at the same time , if its a bad one,  then we tend to get angry , reacting badly to kids, and in a way ,showing our kid another bad side of ours. 

Even I do the same, I get angry, and rethink about it only when we have made the damage. These damages cannot be changed , and if changed , it takes time. We as parents need to impart good into our kids, and learn them to distinguish between good and bad. I make sure that, once i realise I have done bad, I apologise to her , trying to put up in her mind, that if ever you realise your mistake you need to apologise.

My daughter has more tendency to copy her friends, which leads to do like others, than being herself, sometime I wonder what it would be like , later when she grows up. Then my mom , assures me by saying , these things will fade of , and she will be herself, however she copies her friends. Sometimes its fun to watch kids do things alike. 

Sometimes as moms we feel that kids copying for things like , food , dress n all is negligible . But  kids , they smartly , copies all and demands for everything like others ” I want like that one ….mom” . Don’t know whether to stop it or encourage it. 

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