different kinds of interests

My lil gal , has different interests at different times , and every time as a normal mom, i used to worry how to get rid of those .

While she was small, since it was very cold out side,  i wanted her to wear , clothes ,covering her legs n hands, so that she don’t fall sick, but then , interestingly she wanted to wear skirts tops, and never let me make her cover her hands and legs , even she never let me make her wear her gloves and socks. 

Once someway I manage to pull up all those habits, the winter gets over, and summer starts , then . the difficulty is to make her not to wear these gloves and socks, at that time ,as always, she wants to wear them and makes me feel like fool in the crowd making her kids wear winter were in summer. 🙂

Later on she was so obsessed with her long pants , that she doesn’t want to remove it, with all the pretty  dresses she used to wear them, making a total mismatch, looking odd in short. And then as of now she is interested in all long skirts , pulling them down, making them touch the ground. 

Sometimes “Phew ” I seriously don’t know how to manage, dressing her up was the toughest thing i was going through, but later I came to know that many have the same issues , and many more too to deal with. 

Still my mom used to say, these are just passing interests ,it will go off.

And of course she was true. Things are changing always , they focus on many things and keep changing their interests.

Hopefully somewhere it will come to a stop.



Managing through issues


Nowadays am dealing with lots of pressure on how to deal with my kids and household.

At first as every panicky mom , I wash;t sure ,whether I will be able to do everything on my own , then my loving mom and husband, gave me proper encouragement , helping me deal with my dielemma .

And I realised, its all about adjustments , when we learn to adjustments  we learn to go smoothly. No ones life is like a humpless road , and its ofcourse like indian roads, with lots of holes and breaks , and we need to be so careful while we are on road , to not to fall in those holes. 🙂

We learn a lot when we are dealing with things alone , once we have someone to depend on, we keep on depending, and we get lazier. At one point in life ,we are left with no other option than to be independent , and at that time , we will be like fish out of water. 

We all have a comfort level and once we are out of it , we learn many new things , as we have to deal with different situations . We have to teach our kids to be independent too, else we unknowingly build up a child , who cannot adjust to anything in the world. 

A child learns from his/ her parents, and once he/she sees his parents live up to the situations , kids automatically , learn to live through any problems. There are no problems , without solutions .

Every situation can be handled with lil support, lil happiness and care.

What to give and what not ????

To all those parents worrying about what to give babies and kids , I feel like telling them, why worry just give  whatever you like .

I have seen many parents worrying about the same, I agree that we should avoid sugar for some pout on time but , why to to avoid giving water to babies. For both my babies i have given them water from the very first day, it helps to improve their digestions and helps to avoid urinary infections  and remove yellowishness in babies.

When we say give water, it does’t mean a glass of water , its just drops ..and when they grow lil more, increase the quantity. Lot many moms make a fuss, when doctors say avoid giving anything to babies until they are 6 months, but what you do when your babies are hungry and they keep crying , you don’t give a damn to these things, u need to give them something other than breast feed. Ofcourse never stop breastfeeding your babies, thats the best , but still you can add something new to your babies diet.

Luckily , my kids doctor never advised me to stop other food for my babies , in addition to my feeding i give her other semi solid food too and water. Even I never give my kids smashed food , whenever I imagine giving such food , I just feel awkward , how can I give this food , when I cannot even imagine giving my kids.

This is not a piece of  advice , just a note out of my concern. I am  not a perfect mom , i too have imperfections , but ofcourse I learn from my mistakes, and do concentrate on how to make my kids happy and want to give them , the best and healthy food.

Be healthy and be happy my lovely kids…