fighting kids



Once kids start schooling, its like a huge responsibility , I get scared how my lil gal will be able to handle, how she cope with everyone , what if a kid hit her , or fight with her? what she will react to them ? 

All these questions hurdle up in my mind , the moment I see her upset , i get on…as a curious mom , keep asking her all questions , and in the end,…. of all these efforts , I get very lil information, which is like jumbled words and I have to  use my idle brain to exactly find out what exactly happened  making a string of words and forming a sentence , which is quite meaningful. UUUUUFFFF !!! seriously a big effort.

Once am ready with what to ask, again a big effort is put up to ask, who did and what, its like she doesn’t want to tell me, then i just leave it.

Sometimes as a parent , I think ,we need to educate our children to be quite well behaved and soft ,which I never thought when I was kid. I wonder how we communicate to a parent that their child  is lil naughtier or sometimes totally unmanageable. For every parent their is kid is precious , and its difficult to approach them with these sensitive matters .

As a teacher’s daughter, I have seen my mom handling such situations , She used to neutral  to all such incidents ,because in no way , we can hurt another parent. Some parents do realise that their kids are naughtier, but some doesn’t accept the act. 

Learn to accept whats wrong in you , because however hard we try, we cannot claim to be perfect.

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