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Report Card !!! – Evaluating kids

Report card for small kids !!! 

I was quite surprised about hearing , even exams , I never thought they would start evaluating for these small young kids . What do they write at this age, this age is to enjoy and learn from their surroundings. 

But anyway happy to see a beautiful report card and more over got to see a lot many pictures about the day-o-day activities in my daughters class. She is not very active but happy to go to school , and thats more important for me.

Schools should not be a place to restrict them ,they should give them the freedom to enjoy and learn. Thats when kids love to be in school. I strongly believe that it’s all upon the teachers and the environment that makes a child be happy about his school. All kids needs pampering and lots of attention, either they attract it else they demand it. 

I was happy to see how much my lil gal has improved and gained confidence, she was shown her report card, even though the words don’t matter her , her class teacher took her closely and read out what exactly she had written and asked her was she happy with it. My cute lil gal was someway happy , so was we as parents .

As parents its proud moment , but we insisted that we don’t too many high grades, if she has to study she will study, its her wish, forcing her to do anything, we felt its needless and bad . We just wanted her happiness, the cute smile lit on her face should not fade away.

Let our kids be independent and happy in what they do .And hopefully we could keep up this promise forever.

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