Fancy dress

The idea of fancy dress was too scary for me. 

I was not sure what to dress her up like , the theme was ‘best out of waste’ , I have never done so far anything in  fancy dress even when I was a kid , somewhere I was not comfortable being dressed up like someone or something. But I wanted my daughter to enjoy every bit of schooling. 

I always wanted her to be happy , I know she loves dressing up , even though am not a crafty person , I thought I should try my hands on it. From the day I got the letter from school , i just signed the consent form without thinking, because I was just sure about one things, whatever happens I will dress her up as something but never sure about as ‘what’ . 

My fellow parents kept asking me , what idea I had in mind, I was skeptical , sometimes scared I might drop the idea about fancy dress , still I just wanted her to be happy . Finally I was sure I wanted her to be something beautiful but what ???

Again thoughts kept hurdling in my mind , finally I browsed n browsed and browsed and finalised on mermaid . Again making it was lil tedious for me , because I have never attempted art and craft , but for her anything I can do.

And I made it, and landed up in fancy dress competition as a lovely lil mermaid.

Time flies

Time is like running out of my hands, never knew that my younger one is turing 8 months , and things are becoming more difficult for me to manage, yet am able to push myself to my limits.

I wanted to be at least a good mom, not perfect, at least .

I keep myself busy in my households , cooking ,cleaning , and with kids around , its like … has become more difficult. I take my put in something or to brows something ,and immediately ,she comes in ….either waking up or crawling and am unable to concentrate on words to put in. 

I close my laptop and get back to her. 

Things goes like these everyday , my single days goes busy like this and when my lovely lil gal comes back from school….she keeps me busy with her ,complaints and her daily activities ,  I am not getting to know what is actually boredom now.

But …

I am in love with this life.

Quite difficult to get out of this busy schedule.

I don’t know what will happen, when my younger one also get to go to school….that scares me…can’t even think what will i do without them , even though its just a matter of hours. The nightmares of being alone kills me.

I remember the days when my lovely lil gal had being to her school the very first day, I couldn’t help myself being away from her even for an hour , I just stepped in back to her school..and took her off .

Am I too anxious , or just a loving mom.

Those days are not too far when my younger one will also set off to her new life ,and I remain not knowing what to do.