Almost killed someone

Its as usual a busy afternoon for me.

Went to school and brought my kid home and after climbing three floors with my naughty lil one in my hand  and other one holding my hand….with a school bag on my shoulder and of course lot more tired and exhausted.

Sometime let why god has made such a human structure , because we need to do a lot many things simultaneously and so this kind of body helps . 😉 anyways am utilising it with multitasking.

AS always I served my kids lunch and was putting one to sleep (so that I get a break time ).

Unfortunately , some idiotic fellow rang my bell, I got up from my bed with full irritation and opened the door , and almost scared the person. I behaved like a total angry customer and was not at all in a mood to listen to salesman , as he had spoiled my routine.  Even while talking the only intention in my mind was to close the door and just go off and someway I could convey it to him and he ran off. 🙂

Do you know who is the worst enemy for moms ??

Yea , someone who spoils her babies sleep.

I hate when the bell rings or phone rings or anyone calls me, in the middle of making my baby sleep. The whole task has to be repeated , and once the sleep is broken its broken ,and it becomes tiresome to do it all again. 

Hope some ppl understand that . 

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