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time spent ..well spent

Time management is something not easy to get into , but still, when necessity arises we have to go for it , even when our mind is lazy .

With my baby getting more interested in crawling and standing on her own , my schedules are changing ,its difficult day by day, but , with my mere experience as a mom , am sure merrier days are on the way , so I have to keep calm.

I want to spend my best time with my kids, never to miss anything happening in their life , yea am a lil possessive about all these , but I am never a looser on that side, am always showered with lots of love from my kids.

I give my dedicated hours with my kids , and in turn I feel so happy and satisfied, never I feel am just nothing, because am everything for them and my family.

I do not want to regret about the time I sit at home and be just a parent and a dedicated wife, it’s just a phase , where in my family needs me. And am sure as every other women , a phase will come when I need to be out of home and show my kids , how we can manage a home, with a mom working.

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