Relationship and understanding

The two words relationship and understanding ,are quite relative , the base of a family. It just doesn’t come so easily, it needs a lot of love , care and sacrifice. I see my lil gal is grasping all these , may be not from me , but as such she shows her maturity better than me , in understanding any situation. She wants put in effort to help her mom, who is struggling through household and taking care of her younger sister. I feel “OMG !! she is too small to handle my works “, but the ease with which she comes to help me , just make me feel better. Infant she inspires me to be a good mom.

We as moms , need to put in lots of effort to bring it out in kids , and it’s not easier, we might lose patience , temper , and outburst . I always outburst into tears, as I can never handle anger or hatred. ¬†I am always a kind of person , who is bad with temper, but married life has taught me , there is no point in losing temper, but often I do and that makes me sad. We all are never perfect beings , we do a lot of mistakes , either repeating it and still not learning it or never do it.

I always wanted my gals to learn the best part of relations , and I have always felt being blessed with lovely kids. As parents we should never portray ourselves as bad, fighting , because, kids surely learn a lot from us, we are like a school for them , wherein we need not give any kind of teaching, they just learn it through our actions.

It’s never easy to be good , either we have to fake it ,else be it . While faking ,it is not easy to live with , we have to fake our patience which sometimes , explodes like a volcano , full of suppressed emotions and many other implicit feelings.

Being a parent is a huge responsibility , never ever punish your child for your temperament , for you being bad. Am in a learning stage ,as a parent ,but I have to be quick in realising and implementing what am learning in this parenthood , because my kids are growing and they are sure to look up at me and learn a lot.

Something better than nothing

Recently the thoughts of grabbing a job was hung in my mind so i was kind of racing with my mind ,  its all the impact of my friend going for job ,where in i know there is no way to get a job now and no point in leaving my lovely kids with someone else. Seriously i don’t trust anyone especiallly after reading through the daily news that scares the hell out of me.

Job is not a prerequisite but one day i have to ,else my education might go waste. Ofcourse being mommy is a  best part of life and I do enjoy it. The so called inner voice was strong enough that whenever i get a free time i surf through option in the net , but i seem to have become confused , and my inner voice led to nothing

Reading through experienced mommies blogs  became a hobby and i discovered many other moms who moved to some other works which they found out themselves in their so called ‘breaktime’. I thought deeply aboubt what i want to do  again going forward and somewhere concluded i would better do some course because art n craft is not a piece of cake for me so something different is the best choice.
The better persons in my life whom i always look for suggestions and guidence assured me that I can do it and hence forth going forward with my decision to study .Hope i complete it ūüėČ .

Running around

It’s a busy stage for my lil gal ,she is busy learning to stand up on her own and start walking. She is total impatient.

The moment I take her in my arms ,she struggles her way down, so that she can crawl around and make her mommy run behind her. She seems to enjoy it ¬†, because I see her turning back and looking at me and giving me a smile ,which implies ” Come and catch me , mama” .

The smile just blows out all my tiredness and even though I don’t want to run behind her, I go. She roams around the house, trying to find out a perfect place to hold up and stand . Thats the scary part, she might hold onto something , that might just fall off, or just pushed ahead , so I need to be careful al along, It’s like am alert all the time.

She holds on to the sofa, and walks from one end to another , and in between turn back to see, that my both hands right behind her, even if she does;t bother , she just falls back, as she knows , her tensed mom will be always right behind her.

Truly its tiring, its kind of am always on a high alert condition  , like an army man posted on border. Even then , am enjoying to the fullest. 

The joy of being with your kid in every step they take is best joy anyone can get.

Growing up…

I hear from everyone around me , that my lil gal is becoming far more mature , and of course sometimes the vice versa, Am not sure ¬†I can handle it , I don’t know whether being mature is right to wrong for her age. I still love her as my lovely lil gal.

She seems to be mature enough to handle many situations , is it because of the arrival of her younger sis , am not pretty sure ,but am glad ,she tries to understand a lil bit. She understands many important things I try to convey her ,and many she is able to stick too, but she is a kid too , not to be forgotten sometime  ,she keeps doing lil mischievous things and takes time to admit it.

Ofcourse as a kid, she does have few naughtiness , some mischiefs , that is required. Whenever someone points out to me , my kid is too emotional, I talk to her, I try to tell her that whatever we are always with her. Am not sure being emotional is a crime, nowadays ¬†that’s something vanishing out from the world.

Being emotional , I feel , she is growing up, understanding , whats exactly love , pain and care . She demands attention from me and her dad , through all these, which I cannot deny neither him.

Things will  change and may be one day I will be longing to see this perfectly imperfect side of her ,as she is growing up and becoming more  understanding. She understands me  , when am tired, in pain , she takes care of me , she sits next to me and keeps her lovely lil hand on my forehead , reassuring me that all will be fine.

Someone truly said , ¬†kids are like medicine , their touch is just enough to cure any illness and tiredness. It’s a special feeling to be pampered by your own daughter sometimes , and I am truly loving it.

Tiring….me…. and my Duracell babies

The moment am tired … lil one..jumps up as if she is fully run around and make me run around, even though am enjoying it ,its of course tiring. ūüôā

While she is asleep , I manage to finish all work and with the mere interest to sit idle for at least a minute , I hear the sound …yes its her , she woke up ,I don’t know how to react but I am not sure ¬†what to react , should I be happy, or sad that I didn’t get my ¬†break.

I love this stage of childhood, when they are full on and want to try everything new .Now she is in the stage of learning to stand and walk ,so she keeps holding on to everything and assumes that it will support her to stand on her own, but as a mom, I have to be with her , behind her to keep checking what she holds on to .

I see her crawling on busily and getting hold ¬†of everything and giving me that look , ” see mama…. I got it and now am going to bite it” . She keeps holding things and looking for me to come and snatch it from her and she enjoys it.

Am enjoying the best time of their age and I had experienced with  a lil difference with my elder one too. 

The feeling of being powerful , giving a hand to our lil one to learn to walk and hold and play with things. The immense pleasure I get to be with them  , to teach them how to do things . 

When I see my kids full on energy I feel that the energy is induced  onto me and am able to enjoy motherhood .