Tiring….me…. and my Duracell babies

The moment am tired …..my lil one..jumps up as if she is fully charged..to run around and make me run around, even though am enjoying it ,its of course tiring. 🙂

While she is asleep , I manage to finish all work and with the mere interest to sit idle for at least a minute , I hear the sound …yes its her , she woke up ,I don’t know how to react but I am not sure  what to react , should I be happy, or sad that I didn’t get my  break.

I love this stage of childhood, when they are full on and want to try everything new .Now she is in the stage of learning to stand and walk ,so she keeps holding on to everything and assumes that it will support her to stand on her own, but as a mom, I have to be with her , behind her to keep checking what she holds on to .

I see her crawling on busily and getting hold  of everything and giving me that look , ” see mama…. I got it and now am going to bite it” . She keeps holding things and looking for me to come and snatch it from her and she enjoys it.

Am enjoying the best time of their age and I had experienced with  a lil difference with my elder one too. 

The feeling of being powerful , giving a hand to our lil one to learn to walk and hold and play with things. The immense pleasure I get to be with them  , to teach them how to do things . 

When I see my kids full on energy I feel that the energy is induced  onto me and am able to enjoy motherhood .

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