Running around

It’s a busy stage for my lil gal ,she is busy learning to stand up on her own and start walking. She is total impatient.

The moment I take her in my arms ,she struggles her way down, so that she can crawl around and make her mommy run behind her. She seems to enjoy it  , because I see her turning back and looking at me and giving me a smile ,which implies ” Come and catch me , mama” .

The smile just blows out all my tiredness and even though I don’t want to run behind her, I go. She roams around the house, trying to find out a perfect place to hold up and stand . Thats the scary part, she might hold onto something , that might just fall off, or just pushed ahead , so I need to be careful al along, It’s like am alert all the time.

She holds on to the sofa, and walks from one end to another , and in between turn back to see, that my both hands right behind her, even if she does;t bother , she just falls back, as she knows , her tensed mom will be always right behind her.

Truly its tiring, its kind of am always on a high alert condition  , like an army man posted on border. Even then , am enjoying to the fullest. 

The joy of being with your kid in every step they take is best joy anyone can get.

Growing up…

I hear from everyone around me , that my lil gal is becoming far more mature , and of course sometimes the vice versa, Am not sure  I can handle it , I don’t know whether being mature is right to wrong for her age. I still love her as my lovely lil gal.

She seems to be mature enough to handle many situations , is it because of the arrival of her younger sis , am not pretty sure ,but am glad ,she tries to understand a lil bit. She understands many important things I try to convey her ,and many she is able to stick too, but she is a kid too , not to be forgotten sometime  ,she keeps doing lil mischievous things and takes time to admit it.

Ofcourse as a kid, she does have few naughtiness , some mischiefs , that is required. Whenever someone points out to me , my kid is too emotional, I talk to her, I try to tell her that whatever we are always with her. Am not sure being emotional is a crime, nowadays  that’s something vanishing out from the world.

Being emotional , I feel , she is growing up, understanding , whats exactly love , pain and care . She demands attention from me and her dad , through all these, which I cannot deny neither him.

Things will  change and may be one day I will be longing to see this perfectly imperfect side of her ,as she is growing up and becoming more  understanding. She understands me  , when am tired, in pain , she takes care of me , she sits next to me and keeps her lovely lil hand on my forehead , reassuring me that all will be fine.

Someone truly said ,  kids are like medicine , their touch is just enough to cure any illness and tiredness. It’s a special feeling to be pampered by your own daughter sometimes , and I am truly loving it.