Running around

It’s a busy stage for my lil gal ,she is busy learning to stand up on her own and start walking. She is total impatient.

The moment I take her in my arms ,she struggles her way down, so that she can crawl around and make her mommy run behind her. She seems to enjoy it  , because I see her turning back and looking at me and giving me a smile ,which implies ” Come and catch me , mama” .

The smile just blows out all my tiredness and even though I don’t want to run behind her, I go. She roams around the house, trying to find out a perfect place to hold up and stand . Thats the scary part, she might hold onto something , that might just fall off, or just pushed ahead , so I need to be careful al along, It’s like am alert all the time.

She holds on to the sofa, and walks from one end to another , and in between turn back to see, that my both hands right behind her, even if she does;t bother , she just falls back, as she knows , her tensed mom will be always right behind her.

Truly its tiring, its kind of am always on a high alert condition  , like an army man posted on border. Even then , am enjoying to the fullest. 

The joy of being with your kid in every step they take is best joy anyone can get.

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