Relationship and understanding

The two words relationship and understanding ,are quite relative , the base of a family. It just doesn’t come so easily, it needs a lot of love , care and sacrifice. I see my lil gal is grasping all these , may be not from me , but as such she shows her maturity better than me , in understanding any situation. She wants put in effort to help her mom, who is struggling through household and taking care of her younger sister. I feel “OMG !! she is too small to handle my works “, but the ease with which she comes to help me , just make me feel better. Infant she inspires me to be a good mom.

We as moms , need to put in lots of effort to bring it out in kids , and it’s not easier, we might lose patience , temper , and outburst . I always outburst into tears, as I can never handle anger or hatred.  I am always a kind of person , who is bad with temper, but married life has taught me , there is no point in losing temper, but often I do and that makes me sad. We all are never perfect beings , we do a lot of mistakes , either repeating it and still not learning it or never do it.

I always wanted my gals to learn the best part of relations , and I have always felt being blessed with lovely kids. As parents we should never portray ourselves as bad, fighting , because, kids surely learn a lot from us, we are like a school for them , wherein we need not give any kind of teaching, they just learn it through our actions.

It’s never easy to be good , either we have to fake it ,else be it . While faking ,it is not easy to live with , we have to fake our patience which sometimes , explodes like a volcano , full of suppressed emotions and many other implicit feelings.

Being a parent is a huge responsibility , never ever punish your child for your temperament , for you being bad. Am in a learning stage ,as a parent ,but I have to be quick in realising and implementing what am learning in this parenthood , because my kids are growing and they are sure to look up at me and learn a lot.

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