New year resolutions

As usual i haven’t thought of any newyear resolution.
Wondering why we need resolutions, moreover people like me who are not at all keeping up with all these its just  a waste of time.

I used to keep promising myself on almost every fridays that  i will start something new on from the next day ,  but again I think” oh !!! New things its better to start on a monday so may be from monday i willl start on with my new ventures” , but my sillly mind doesn’t know that ‘monday’ will never come.

I take breaks on saturdays n sundays and by monday i become lazier and end up in doing nothing.

Thats the lifespan of my resolutions.

I stopped fooling myself that I will change something and finally accepting myself as such with no specific resolutions like loosing weight, dieting, more reading,etc. Am just ‘me’ as always for people who  love me or hate me.

Every day is a new begininng for me , every single day i find something good or special , rather than my stupid newyear resolutions.

You don’t have to change for someone who loves you as you are ,  because they accept you as just you . All resolutions must be to make ‘you’ a ‘better you’  either its taken on a newyear or any other day.

Best of luck for all those having good determination to continue with their resolutions .

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