fold your hands and pray

At dusk, we light the lamp in our lil temple at our house and we pray . It’s a daily thing for us and I always want to impart such good habits in my kids . I always believe that nothing as powerful and beautiful than believing in GOD. 

I was so happy to see my lil one folding and copying how her elder sister and myself were doing , even though she don’t know what we were doing , but the joy in my heart was just overwhelming. I remember the first time my elder one was kneeling down and bowing to GOD , putting her face down and do not want to get up from there , almost lying there and wants me to take her from there.

Whatever religion we are  following we need to impart good awareness about it in our children , but at the same time they need to know about other religions too , since there is only one GOD , it’s just that we pray  and follow different patterns.

I always found joy in praying anywhere where it is quite and serene and I can find my inner self , that’s what praying is about not giving a big long list of things you need . During my college days , the chapel was somewhere  myself and my bestie found joy, whenever we were happy and overjoyed or wanted some alone time , we go there ,spend some time there, so it’s not about what we are praying or where we are praying , it’s just the peace what we receive while we do it.