Angry anxious and insecure

My topic says it all.
This is what happening with my younger one now.She feels insecure around anyone but everything becomes fine when am around.  She lets everyone feed her or play with her  share her toys but still not to touch her.

Its a stage in many kids and  dealing with it is quite tough. I have seen a differnt kind of insecurity in my  elder  gal in which she used to be calm and quite and just cling to the person and distract herself looking somewhere else and not the person and it was easier to deal with.

My younger one seems to be quite active enough that she screams and let out all sort of cries and run behind me. That sight is totally unbearable. The moment she cries calling out for me i cannot stop myself , feels like someone is ripping my heart into pieces and i run and grab her and hug her , still she keeps crying as if she is complaining.

Motherhood is so strange and powerful ,  we learn many things through experience and everyday is a fresh new start and a new chapter full of vibrant colors thats mixed in a proportion for all to enjoy to the fullest.

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