Gifting someone is lil complicated and am so bad at selecting gifts especially when am not the bread-winner of my home. That means whatever I get in my hand , I have to keep aside and  save to get something special for my special people . ITs tough though , I still like it , its like I used to do when I was kid ,keeping aside some pocket-money , just to buy something for my lovely mom and dad.

I find joy in gifting even if its difficult to select. I go to a shop, and like in movies , I go for random selection, the more I think its more complicated for selection. I seriously wonder how everyone shop for themselves. 

Today morning I was asked ” What I really need?” 

The question makes me puzzled and It was tough to answer. The question just kept popping in my mind ,and still am unable to answer. Do I crave for dress, jewelleries , books or electronics am so really confused.

Preferably , I might ask for lots of non cooking evenings and basically no household or work 😉 . But that leaves me unsatisfied and a lazy person, which I never want to portray myself as. I want to be vibrant , happy and helpful and loving and caring , for which  i need a supporting family ,  who will always help me , when am lost and when a, disheartened , encourages me to do anything out of my ability and be independent. 

I realise what I want , but of course who says a ‘NO’ to a perfect wedding anniversary gift .  mm Let me go for a list 😉