My lil princessess bday

Birthdays always makes me all excited ,even though it adds another +1 to our ages , I believe age is never a matter big or small , its just how you are young at heart helps you enjoy every moment in your life.

My lovely lil daughter turned 5 this year , she has been the best support of my life throughout till now. The moment she was in my life, everything seemed so beautiful ,everything so blissful ,and all happy and good. Until then I was more like a career oriented ,nothing was as important than studies and career , but when I became a mother , everything changed ,nothing seemed so precious , so delicate , so truthful and close to my  heart than the love lil baby in my arms. 

I want to be better mom every day in her life , even though I have failed many at times , but i fall and rise again , trying to struggle with my inner self and convincing me that my kids are my world , there is no harm in being with them, in-turn this is the best stage of their life. 

I witnessed my lil gals , first moves, first rolling , first sitting , first steps ,and I cherish every moment I am with her. I can still recollect the time she went to her first play school , which made my tears roll down my eyes, even now I could say , I can;t be away from her for a long time.  She is the one who gives me courage, comfort and lots of unconditional love for everything i do . If am sick, she takes care of me, if am sad she comforts me  and when am happy she is happy too.

I feel so blessed to be her mom, she makes motherhood so easy for me , never letting me go tired and hugging me while sleeping making me feel so good.  From a lovely lil baby in my arms to beautiful girl who takes care of her sister and teaching her and making me  a better mom everyday with our even complaining , even when I have been bad. 

Love you always dear .

walk walk walk

The interesting and the roller coaster ride season of my life has started , where in i don’t have to tighten the seat belt, for the ride but be ready to run around with my lil rider.

She has been busy taking her first few steps, trying to balance her self and lil lessons from everyone at home ,she was getting better at walking ,and one fine day , she walked and covered a long gap, it was so beautiful to see , my eyes watered and was feeling so much happier, and it reminded me my lovely lil elder ones first steps too.

My younger lil notorious girl is so busy in learning climbing up and down the bed ,with her sister who is teaching her so well. She was so happy to see her younger sis walk all by herself , she said clapping her hands and jumping with joy ” mom ,see she is walking on her own” . 

She walks n walks and walks around the house, it’s fun to see… listening to the cling cling of her anklets  around the house , and wherever  we go , she is right behind. Sometimes she loose her balance and go fall down , still she takes it just lightly and again  gets up and walk. She wants to do everything her sister does , and walk around her all the time , even irritating her sometimes .(of course all younger ones do that) 

One year has passed and am all excited ,and thrilled at my younger on turning one . My kids make my world so happier, even its going fast like a roller coaster ride , every moment is worth living .