Meeting old friends again

After a long gap of years , I got to meet my best friend. She is being with me from my college and from day one , I always loved her company and luckily she never got bored with me.

I have always irritated her , played jokes on and eve snatched her tiffin ( which of course was yummiest food) during my studies. She used to the best in class ,and precisely I never wanted to be the best in class, but only her best pal forever.

We had the best time , thought it was not very freaking out , but the best for us. I was never able to make for the very best days in her life-like her marriage , but am sure she knows  my position and my responsibilities. Even after my marriage ,we used to take out time for ourselves ,having chats ,coffee  and just simply roaming around and having fun. and now after she too being married and a busy working mom we hardly get time to speak, thanks to whatsapp and Facebook , even just km or miles apart these technologies keep us near .

Am lucky to have such friends who are always just a call apart, and be with me whenever am in need . It’s always good to have someone to talk to when we are in some big dilemmas and I have such wonderful friends whom I met during my past years. They have been loyal and always lend me their time always .

naughty cutie pie turned 1

The months seem running around like my lil baby…and she is no more a baby ….she  is a running lil cutie pie , who is always on her running spree.

For easy partying we clubbed both my lovely daughters birthday into one and celebrated in a wonderful place. As my elder one was so busy in admiring her Minnie mouse cake and cutting it, my lil mischievous  one was just busy being in my arms as she gets lil panicked with people around. She wants to be in my arms all around.

It feels like yesterday , we welcomed this lil bundle of joy into our life . I remember how her elder sis was so engrossed in looking at her lil sister and how my brother was busy tickling her leg to wake her up, ( the same he did to her elder niece on her birth).

Now she doesn’t lie down , only run around and sometimes like the actor Mohanlal, she just keeps her shoulder down and walk like him in his typical lately style.  She knows  very well how to trouble someone . She keeps running around and make her dad run behind her. She runs to the kitchen while am cooking and hide near the fridge and keep peeping out to check  whether her dad is running to chase her. She keeps doing this n number of times ,and finally  her dad gets tired and not her.

Managing her is tougher than I ever imagined , but she is making our parenthood like roller coaster  where there are lots of surprises and tiring and restless days.