Uff am tired !!! :)

Its kind of roller coaster ride all day when she is awake. 

I keep wondering doesn’t she ever get tired.

Doesn’t she ever have leg pain

Doesn’t she get sleepy.

Because all the time , even while seemingly sleepy, she is full on active.

Are all babies like that.

Yes , of course I have heard from many moms like that, and even though its lil tiring , am enjoying it. The way she put up that naughty smile on her face and the way she runs around the house exploring each and every corner of the house , it just piles up a memorable day in my life.

Luckily she is not overwriting her sisters memory, it’s just another phase and another journey with her too, which is what I wished for , because I want my daughters to be different , and unique so they have their own character and identity.

She keeps finding things that we cannot find and hardly difficult to find and puts in her mouth , and instead of hiding it, she puts it on her tongue and shows me  expression kind of readable from her face ” mom , see come and get it” .  She does that with every particle she gets. Even though its funny , its of course dangerous, so I keep roaming behind her.

While I put her on bed , she takes a small pillow and starts to roll with it ,as if a kitten is playing with a ball, it’s so peaceful to see them enjoy , I keep looking at her and all my tiredness vanishes off. May be that’s what makes motherhood so pleasing , watching our kids being happy , and that’s what encourages us everyday .

Happy motherhood and proud to be a parent.