my accomplishments !!!!phew by 30 :)

I feel so blessed to own so many things by the age of 30 , though I may not be professionally a star but as a family person am perfectly happy.

A happy me and my own happy family , with perfectly all limitations and lil imperfections. 🙂

I was never good professionally , may be that’s not my cup of tea , but no worries ,may be I will get things done well a lil later , and not at this time  as everything comes to us only on perfect times . (of course its my dream , and am sure to achieve it ).

I have two lil darlings who are always with me , tagging along where ever am , and I enjoy it to the most. And their loving dad , who does a lot to balance  the family , with lots of office work and chatterbox wife and two lovely girls who are always in need of attention from him. 

As all perfectly imperfect families , even we too have lots of problems , but not too big , not to be left unsolved. His love and care and attention makes me more lazy , because I just get everything I wanted , without even asking ( okay may be not always , we are not mind readers  and life is not a movie).

Sometimes loosing something helps us to gain more happiness in life and I feel being a  loser in my opportunities had led me to be happier and blessed with a wonderful family. I never thought I will be able to be a ‘mom’ , since I was scared to take up responsibility and my immaturity in that age , never gave me an opportunity  to think as such . 

I feel that being a mother to my kids is the greatest of all the achievements in the world and I wish going forward I will be a good mom for them and be the strength of my family.

Happy being 30!!! age is affecting my brain ….bringing on a philosophical side 😉

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