juice juice all around

Summer is here so I thought its good to get some fruits home for kids as well for us , but  I never knew that , I really don’t need a juicer as my gopu is enough for making juice of all fruits.

The phenomenon is simple..just give her a piece of the fruit ,she just squeeze it in her sweet lil small hand and there comes the juice ….which indeed will be all over my house and on her too. And yes of course, requires lots of cleaning .

most of the time I have to clean my house twice , as always I get the fruits out only when am done cleaning once , then once she starts to have the fruits ,she needs it in her hand as she herself want to take the bite , so she squeeze it , lick the juice e flowing on her hand , and sometimes the floor. ( wonder y all kids are like that).

I love encouraging her to eat on her own , she analyses the fruit in her hand ,even its a watermelon ,or an orange or a grape, and looks at it as if she is admiring its beauty and gives me a naughty smile and starts her juicing up.

Even though it’s a lots of work to clean up , I feel that kids should enjoy what they eat and that happens when I let them to play with their  food . It’s the best way to encourage them to be good at eating .

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